Huawei band 3 Review

Huawei Band 3 is the company’s third fitness wristband. The device is recognized as representing the economy class, a more advanced alternative to the Xiaomi Mi Band 2.

Huawei Band 3 includes cutting-edge technologies. It is a dependable and straightforward device that performs the essential functions of affordable wristbands. The model monitors and records data on physical activity and exercises continuously measures the pulse, monitors the quality of sleep, and counts the steps taken. The bracelet is readily linked with a smartphone to submit data and receive notifications from applications.

Although a cheap fitness wristband will not provide you with professional training guidance, it will successfully count the calories burned. Swimming is one of the training options available. The device is entirely waterproof – you may dive to a depth of 50 meters while wearing this bracelet.

According to data from Chinese vendors, Huawei Honor Band 3 beat even Xiaomi Mi Band 2 in 2018, becoming the market leader in terms of sales. It’s no surprise – based on the price-quality ratio, this bracelet is one of the most excellent options right now.

Huawei Honor Band 3 design and construction

Huawei watch band 3 has a modest and straightforward style, with a black plastic shell and a black standard strap. It does not stick out; it goes with everything. It fits your arm snugly and pleasantly; you can even sleep with it on. The strap has a lot of holes, so it’s simple to adapt to any arm.

The silicone strap comes in three different colors: black, orange, and blue. The bracelet is attached to the screen in the shape of a capsule, with no seams. The device’s small display size can be viewed as a flaw, although it looks attractive and straightforward on the arm.

The display is monochrome, and the letters are easily seen. The sun reflects on the screen in intense sunlight, making it nearly hard to read the text. There is only one touch zone, which is a little circle on the front part of the screen below the screen.

The wristband’s pulse sensors are located on the inside. They are snugly against the skin but do not irritate it.

Huawei Band 3 functions

Calorie and pedometer tracking: The tracker measures the distance traveled and the number of calories burnt; the steps are displayed on the bracelet, and complete statistics are available on the smartphone.

Sleep time and sleep phases monitor: It is a built-in feature. It means that the device determines when you go to bed and when you wake up. It tracks the amount of time you spend sleeping, distinguishing between slow and quick phases, displays the number of awakenings, and provides suggestions.

Regular pulse measurement. It is an automatic function, just like sleep control. The sensors constantly measure the pulse and are well suited to the arm. The tracker informs you whenever your heart rate exceeds a certain threshold in training mode, ranging from warm-up to strenuous workouts.

Various training modes: There’s jogging, walking, riding, and swimming. You may customize the settings for each workout via your smartphone.

Smart alarm clock: The bracelet monitors the pulse and activity to awaken the user in the short sleep period earlier than the predetermined time. It is undoubtedly a benefit; waking up is much easier. The alarm signal is rising; perhaps it is only a vibration.

Notifications from mobile applications: Once sync, you can specify which smartphone apps will repeat the information on the wristband. Social networks and communications are supported. You can even decline the call, but you won’t be able to accept it.

Notification of inactivity: If you sit for more than an hour without moving, the bracelet will vibrate to urge you to take a short stroll.

Huawei Band 3 reviews

The bracelet meets users’ expectations in terms of price and quality correlation. It serves essential functions and aids in health monitoring in everyday life, but it is not suitable for professional sports or severe monitoring.

Several training modes are accessible, including not only running and walking but also bicycling and swimming. It should be noted.  Another feature that customers appreciate is the sensor of laziness. The wristband vibrates if you sit for an hour without moving.

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