How Your Car Accident Attorney Deal with Misleading Tactics an Insurance Adjuster May Use Against You

If you have been hurt in a car crash, you have probably thought about filing an insurance claim. Once you file a claim, you will have conversations with an insurance claims adjuster that works for an insurance company. At first, you may think they are on your side because they seem friendly. Unfortunately, claims adjusters will try to pressure you into accepting just any settlement amount from them. They will make you think that you don’t deserve more. 

When you file a car accident claim, you must know the common tactics that claims adjusters may try to use against you. An idaho car accident attorney can help you understand more about injury claims and share the strategies they can use to protect your claim. 

How Insurance Adjusters May Mislead You

After filing a car accident claim, you should not take what an insurance adjuster will say at face value. Keep in mind that they may say anything that can get you to accept their offer even if it is far less than the true value of your claim. They may tell you that the amount they are offering is your only compensation option. Sometimes, they may also promise to help you maximize your claim or ask you to make a recorded or written statement. To ensure you don’t fall victim to these tactics, it is best to let your lawyer handle conversations with the adjuster for you. 

Insurance adjusters work for the best interest of the insurance company that employs them. They are experienced in negotiating settlements that favor their employer. Do not expect them to have a fair lay. When they ask you questions, they hope to catch you slipping up and saying something that could ruin your claim’s value. Also, if you reject their settlement offer, you may not hear from them for a while to waste time, so the deadline for filing a personal injury case will run out. 

How to Deal with Insurance Adjusters

Your attorney knows the best practices to deal with insurance adjusters and the company they work for. First, they will aggressively negotiate with the adjuster to recover a favorable settlement that the initial offer. Also, they handle communications with the insurance company promptly. They know that the insurance policy of the at-fault party may require reporting claims or submitting information within a certain period to avoid a denial.  Lastly, your lawyer will determine the damages you can recover before they negotiate with the insurance adjuster. 

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