How video conferencing is helping businesses deal with COVID measures

If were to explain what video conferencing is in one word, it is undoubtedly an “enabler” in 2020. Video conferencing is a great tool for communication and collaboration. In the COVID restricted times, it has emerged as an enabler for many businesses.  Its greatest quality adaptability, it can be used in so many ways that we can’t even think about them all in one breath. During the present times in 2020 when COVID measures are in place, there is a lot of restriction on physical movement and meetings. Businesses have been suffering, scaling down and even closing. Video conference has been quite a help for many businesses.  

In these unusual times video conferencing been steadily picking up in various forms. Its been helping people connect and conduct business in new, innovative and unexpected ways.

Today’s leading AV companies go beyond the use of video conferencing for special occasions like conferences, trade shows, seminars, exhibitions and normal meetings too. If you are also looking for AV rentals in Toronto? then this is a must-read for you. Besides maintaining social distancing it helps increase efficiency, reduce costs and increase productivity.

Office Communication

Internal office communication like communicating with head office, team members and colleagues in remote offices are quicker and easier when you use video. One can use dedicated VC equipment or simply use secure apps to use phones a video conferencing devices. Such communication is a productivity accelerator and allows employees to innovate together, work together, and achieve goals.

Face to Face communication

Being Face to face with employees in person can be difficult in today’s COVID times. Video conferencing solves this problem by helping connect with individuals face to face promptly. Regardless of the location, one can simply connect with anyone in the next room, or next building or another part of the globe. People maintain social distancing by using web conferencing using video messengers. It helps keep people safe and working at the same time.

Screen sharing, another form of conferencing through video

Another innovation is screen sharing to conduct a design review on your team or showcasing your development to a client or reaching out to new clients with your design samples. It can be used for anything from a simple banner design to building models or architecture drawings. There are plenty of free options in the market to share screens or you can simply point your camera on a screen and get started.

Video interview

Hiring and recruitment is a long and lengthy process. At each stage, one need in-person face to face interaction.  Video conferencing interviews help find suitable candidates while maintaining social distance.  The facial expression, body language and gestures are a great help in finding something more about a candidate than just what’s on the resume. Also, the candidates can be more confident about what they are signing up for by accepting an offer.

Video sales presentation

An experienced salesperson would know how important face-to-face meetings are to convert a lead into sales.  In the absence of physical meetings and personal interactions video conferencing has been quite an enabler. It allows the sales team to interact with potential customers face to face, share their screens, showcase products and demonstrate. Besides being an enabler it also saves a lot of money which was earlier spent on travelling. 

Daily Follow-ups

Keeping on track is very important in a business with is time-bound. To keep track of work or coordinate between team members daily follow-ups on the tasks assigned is important. Emails and phone calls are already of great help but video conferencing adds a personal touch to interactions. It boosts confidence, enhances collaboration and also improves accountability.

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