How to wash mobile Covers?

Mobile covers are very important, and they come in handy for the protection of the mobile as well as enhancing its looks in some cases, and that is why it is necessary to mobile cover wash, so it says clean and clear.

Mobile covers can last a good amount of time if they are taken care of and not treated carelessly. Furthermore, to extend their longevity we need to learn how to wash them, and there are a couple of methods we can try out.

1. Clean with dish soap:

 However long you’re cleaning plastic, silicone, dish soap is your most ideal choice. Simply don’t utilize more than 1 drop of dish soap, as an excess of soap will make your combination excessively frothy. If you don’t have dish soap, use a clothing cleanser, or hand soap. Mix the soap and water with a spoon completely.

In case you’re cleaning a leather phone case, use a drop of normal soap or hand soap. If you don’t have soap, blend water and vinegar with one section of vinegar, two sections of water.

2. Clean using Toothpaste:

Apply toothpaste on a brush and add in a few drops of water and rub the brush inside and outside of the cover until the whole case is covered. Now leave the mobile case for 10 minutes and then wash thoroughly. Your case should now look much cleaner.

3. Use Vinegar and Power detergent

Use a combination of water, detergent, and vinegar to get rid of the yellowish color that the cases often turn to after a good time use. Leave the case in there for 20 minutes and when it comes back out it should be a lot cleaner, and shinier.

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