How To Use eSports Marketing To Increase Brand Awareness

Before 2021, playing video games was just a common hobby. Nowadays, the situation is not the same at all. According to the surprising statistics of ESA, 65% of Americans play games every day. Such a huge audience interests marketers and created a special eSports marketing niche.

Every brand has to follow the top trends, and e-games can’t be ignored. Now is the era of mobile games and its popularity trends upwards. eSports is a special category, which opens up a wide range of opportunities for marketing, even if you deal with other brands than gaming. We are going to see how to use eSport marketing to boost your brand awareness.

The Overview of eSports

What we call eSports is competitive gameplay. You can be in the competition with a single person or play as a big team. One of the most popular games is Dota 2. You can watch or participate in online tournaments, which are a huge event worldwide. The prizes are enormous and may reach $40,000,000. Such eSports have many well-known sponsors such as Coca-Cola, DHL, Red Bull, etc. Overall, eSports is a fantastic market, in which your company should get involved. Do not lose your time and jump for such a bright opportunity.

eSports Audience

It is a common mistake to confuse gaming with eSports. The biggest difference is demographics. Women prefer video games and 41% of players in the USA are females. As for eSports, the majority of viewers are men. If your brand targets male-center audience aged between 18-35, eSports is your jackpot.

Explore Common Types of eSports Marketing

You can advertise your company via eSports in several different ways. We are going to touch the most efficient ones below.

Paid-per-click Ads
Twitch is the most popular among eSports fans. Do you know that Twitch gets around 15 million active users per day? It is the top platform for live streaming games. If you plan to start an efficient marketing campaign, focus your attention on Twitch. You can use among different eSport advertising options, which are billed on the cost per impressions basis. Ad costs depend on the chosen parameters: age, location, country, etc.

Influencer eSport Marketing

If you want to get personalized experience, your company can start dealing with streamers directly. Such influencers can promote your company. Note that this type of partnership happens outside the Twitch PPC platform.

Establishing eSports Sponsorships for Teams

After a successful establishment of relationships with a single eSports streamer/influencer, it is time to jump on the next level and sponsor the whole team. Such cooperation can boost your brand recognition to the top. What do we mean by “team”? You should understand that a streamer does not necessarily compete with each other. By creating and sponsoring eSport teams, you sign different streamers to promote your marketing campaigns. By becoming a sponsor to a team, you can reach a wide reach of marketing and PR influence. The fact that you do not deal with streamers on an individual basis, you save a lot of time and.

Becoming a Sponsor for eSports Events

Before you start investing into eSports events, you should study the target demographic. If the event matches up perfectly with your brand’s demographic, it is a good sign to start sponsoring paid eSports tournaments in order to expand your audience reach. It is recommended to mix individual and team sponsorships. The goal is to put the name of your company in front of thousands of gamers. Using eSports for your next marketing campaign will make you reach better results.

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