How to Use Background Videos on Your Website

Background videos are an excellent way to improve user experience and command visitor attention. This is not because videos are cool and funny or because everybody is using them. The main reason background videos are vital is that top platforms and websites are betting on augmented reality-immersive experiences that drives user interaction. And video is one of the leading branches of AR. 

As much as video is a great element to have on your webpage, there are important guidelines to follow to ensure it does not ruin the performance and overall user experience of your site. If you are too aggressive with the video you use, it will overpower the important content. Here is a complete guide to help you choose the right video for your website. 

Choose useful over complex 

During the web design process, it is important to ask yourself ‘what is the least amount of UI that will allow your user to interact effectively content?’ This is vital when you are deciding what elements to add to your website. 

The best approach is to use keep the videos simple and straight to the point. Start with a simple layer then add complex layers only when you find it necessary. The role of the background video is to reinforce your content message, eliminate barriers and complement your website. Keep in mind that is a background video, therefore it should be incorporated into the aesthetic of the website- not stand alone. 

Add a personal touch 

To achieve quality background video in web site design Coffs Harbour, it is important to find a way for you to interact with users. People don’t want to work with a faceless organization. 

Adding a short but educative video, for instance, one showing people interacting with your service, allows users to see themselves working with you. This results in your use to sign up, make a purchase or get in touch with you. 

Make the video pop

If you have text layered on top of the background video ensure it is easy to read throughout the entire video loop. Create a strong light/dark contrast between the text and the background video. 

A great way to achieve full, legible contrast is to use a solid, monochromatic filter on top of the background video. This looks super professional and ensures the color contrast makes the test and landing page CTA stand out. A semi-opaque color block or test shadow are also great options. 

Keep the video short 

You only have 10 seconds to get your point across without impacting load time. If you use longer videos it will have a great impact on load time. 

Note that if it’s a loop, and the video is too short, it will appear out of place. On the other hand, if it is too long, the page will take a longer time to load or users might get tired before the video serves its purpose. 

Go for a personal and simple looping video that is relevant to the content of your website.


With background videos, it is important to keep the conversation at the center stage. The video should always support the end goal of your business. A Quality Website Design Company Coffs Harbour will ensure your video supplements and enhances your CT.

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