How to sell on GCP marketplace?

If you are looking to get your brand or products to your targeted audience, then it is important to do more than just writing SEO-friendly posts (though it is equally important). In such a case, the GCP marketplace comes in very handy. Officially, Google Shopping or Google for Retail is the best advertising campaign of search engine operations.

The costing features at the GCP marketplace are subscriptions, customized, or pay as you go. Besides sellers have a choice to select the costing feature that they find highly appropriate. Businesses will keep proper track of how their customers are communicating with your campaigns and solution. They get regular reports about it. Because Google makes use of infrastructure internally, stability and security are primary issues embedded very closely in the GCP marketplace. The file store solution online for the Google Cloud Storage enables people to store their files in the cloud

Let us now look at how you can sell on the GCP Marketplace:

  1. Firstly you have to sign-up in your GCP Marketplace & get the business solutions to be listed on your website.
  2. You have to drive higher awareness & consumption of solutions with the enterprise customers. It means an increase in global sales with very less investment. However, you have to get the business listed on Google Cloud Platform Marketplace.
  3. In your next step, you must optimize the business solution that will deploy your customer’s environment. You have to create the listing web page. Monitor usage, push updates and offer support to the customers. Generally, you have to deliver & manage the solutions.
  4. In your last step, you must go to Go-To-Market in Google where you may check if anybody uses your solutions and how is your business performing? You can get access to its co-marketing programs with help of Google.

There are many benefits of selecting Google Cloud Hosting.

  • Benefits of migration of live machine
  • Accessibility of the good costing options
  • Commitment to the stable development and expansion
  • Higher performance and execution
  • Control and security of the cloud platform
  • Inbuilt redundant backups can ensure data integrity sales and reliability
  • A private network provides maximum efficiency and time

This solution is mainly made for service providers who want to sell their online services on GCP Marketplace with the Integrated Billing and offer their customers a Sign-On experience over the Frontend cloud service.

You also get most from the results with the GCP marketplace deep learning & advanced analytical skills. The server less data analysis & deep learning method will help in the system integration, operations and management streamlining, and smart forecasting.

Improve Output, Cheaper, and Offer Good Value

Around 86 percent of the Google Cloud customers think that the “Google Cloud has helped them to improve their productivity as well as maximize their IT spend.” With the straightforward & creative pricing model, the GCP marketplace saves you a good amount of money. This service will help you to save around 40% to 55% on the platform maintenance time. Whenever you switch your apps to the Google Cloud rather than running it on-premises, then you will save around 32%.

Get the Business-Specific Solutions and Ideas

Some world’s highly popular banking, entertainment, and financial companies make use of the GCP marketplace for the transformation in their enterprises, which includes gaming, engineering, telephone, entertainment, and healthcare. The Google Cloud Marketplace works with the customers to provide some of the most unique solutions to the most challenging problems. Because of the first industrial technologies & a deep network of partnerships, businesses get higher returns.

Final Words 

Google Cloud certificates in its base materials, services, and important role in today’s business world can be of great interest to anybody out there. Google’s cloud certifications & training value increase as the popularity of the cloud-based platform carries on.

Right from attracting new buyers and giving their current customers the new method to shop over various Google platforms, Google Shopping gives various benefits. Suppose you wish to make use of the right service, you must make use of the right practices. By following the guide & implementing the best practices, you will get up & running with Google Shopping within no time at all!

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