How to Score Good Marks in the CBSE Exam?

CBSE students who appear for the 12th public exam should focus more on improving their skills when it comes to important subjects. This is because getting high marks in the 12th exam will help get admission to leading colleges or universities in India or abroad. CBSE 12 maths is a difficult one and students should prepare lessons properly to score more marks. NCERT solutions class 12 maths covers questions and answers chapter-wise that will help achieve high scores. They allow students to improve their problem-solving skills effectively with simple understanding and learning techniques.

How to prepare for the CBSE maths 12 exams?

Preparing for CBSE 12th maths exam requires proper planning because it will help to get good marks. Since CBSE XII boards marks carry a 40% in JEE and other exams, students should study well to secure above 95% in maths.

Here are some tips CBSE students should follow when they want to score the best marks in maths.

1. Knowing the contents and weightage of the syllabus

Before starting preparation for CBSE 12th maths exam, students should know the contents and weightage of the syllabus in detail. They should give importance to units which cover maximum weightage in the board exam. This, in turn, gives ways to lay a strong foundation that gives ways to move on to difficult topics.

2. Preparation from NCERT maths books

NCERT textbooks cover an exhaustive range of exercise questions and answers for students to improve their abilities. Furthermore, they show ways to get references for solving maths problems as soon as possible. A student can even gain knowledge on complex topics while preparing for the CBSE board exam. Cuemath is a reputed online portal that aims at guiding students to score more marks in the 12th CBSE maths subject with NCERT solutions with the best approaches.

3. Classifying and preparing

Students should give priority to high weightage topics and classify them accordingly to start preparation. Moreover, they will help a lot to practice the lessons with ease that paves ways to secure high marks. Students can even practice more questions from the weightage topics that will improve his/her abilities to a large extent. Practicing more allows students to get high exposure to the questions asked in the board exam.

4. Practicing sample papers and previous years’ papers

To get high scores in the maths 12th CBSE exam, students should consider practicing sample papers and previous years’ papers. They are ideal for improving speed, time management, and other things while writing the exam. Students should make sure that they have the last few years’ question papers while preparing for the maths subject.

5. Self-evaluation

Self-evaluation is the most important thing to follow in CBSE 12th maths preparation because it contributes more to know the mistakes committed by students correctly. Spending more time on weak topics will help improve the abilities of students to a large extent.

6. Presentation is very important

Presentation is the key in the 12th CBSE maths subject and students should include the graphs and label wherever necessary. It is wise to avoid overwriting and scribbling while answering the questions.

7. Time management

Students should know how to enhance their time management effectively when preparing lessons for maths. They should read the question paper thoroughly and allocate 15 minutes to rectify answers at the end.

8. Learning formulas easily

Formulas are necessary for some problems in maths and students should remember them easily by following certain techniques.

9. NCERT solutions

Nowadays, many coaching institutes offer solutions for 12th CBSE students to get high marks in maths subjects. They contain important questions and answers that will help gain more ideas quickly. It is possible to download them chapter-wise online letting students improve their abilities.

They are suitable for those who want to ensure high ranks in the CBSE exam by addressing the essential needs of students. Besides that, students can learn the concepts and other things in detail.

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