How to Keep Your Paddleboard in Great Condition

Today, stand-up paddleboarding is one of the most sought water sports around the world. According to current studies, the sport has gained more than 1 million participants in recent years.

Having a paddleboard is a huge investment. This means you need to keep your paddleboard looking good and in great condition.

From cleaning it regularly to storing it in a cool place, there are several things you need to do to make sure your paddleboard performs at its best for a long time.

6 Tips on how to keep your paddleboard in great condition

1. Clean your paddleboard regularly

Normally, most people rinse their paddleboards with clean water after paddling. But it is essential to give it a good wash as often as possible.

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Moreover, the environment that you use and store your paddleboard will determine how regularly you should clean it.

When cleaning the board, make sure to use non-abrasive cleaning solutions. This is to ensure you do not damage it. Also, use a soft-bristled brush.

Always rinse off the soap with clean water, and then dry it using a clean soft cloth. This is to make sure it is clean before storing it.

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2. Protect the paddleboard against cracks and scratches

Even though a paddleboard is not a delicate item, you need to protect it against cracks and scratches.

Improper handling or storing the board in an untidy place can get it damaged. Therefore, you need to take care of it when using it and when storing it.

Once you notice a crack in the board, take it out of the water immediately and have it repaired. A crack can make your paddleboard unusable or affect its performance.

3. Always lift the paddleboard

Paddleboards are tough and very durable. But you are advised to always lift the board. To some people, it is easier to drag the paddleboard over the beach or floor.

But it is not a good idea. You can easily damage the inflatable paddleboard or the non-inflatable paddleboard when you drag it.

When the surface rubs against the floor or any other material, it can cause some damages. Even the beach sand that is soft to your skin can damage your paddleboard.

Experts recommend that you lift your paddleboard to the water and when you get out of the water. It will prevent your paddleboard from touching objects that can damage the material.

Also, you need to watch in the water. Do not paddle in areas that can hurt the paddleboard material. For instance, paddling in a rocky sticking area can get your paddleboard damaged.

4. Do not store the paddleboard in the sun

A paddleboard is designed to be used outdoors and can withstand harsh elements. However, it is not a good idea to leave it exposed to the sun.

When you are paddling, the sun cannot damage it. But leaving it outside for a long time can leave your paddleboard discolored, cracked, and delaminated.

Therefore, if you are taking a break from paddling, do not leave it to elements that can damage it. Ensure you leave it indoors or in a shaded place until you are back.

If you are planning to store it for a long period, make sure to use a quality board bag. This will keep the paddleboard dry and out of sunlight. Moreover, the bag will ensure the board does not get dented or scratched.

5. Inspect your paddleboard regularly

It is normal for the paddleboard to get hurt or damaged. Therefore, you need to inspect it regularly. Your paddleboard can develop dings or holes.

If any hole is not treated on time, it can cause permanent damage to your paddleboard. Hence, it is essential to examine the board before and after using it.

Fortunately, paddleboards come with a repair kit. You need to know the basics so that you can repair the holes with the accessories in the repair kit.

But if you do not know how to repair any damage, take the board to a professional. The experts are aware of the kind of treatment the paddleboard needs.

Besides, if may notice that your paddleboard is getting heavier than usual, inspect every part. Accumulation of water inside the paddleboard can make it heavier. This can be as a result of one or more holes.

6. Lubricate the paddleboard

A paddleboard has metallic parts that are made of stainless steel. Even though they cannot develop rust, it is important to lubricate them regularly.

It is better to keep them protected by lubricating every metallic part to avoid any problem in the future.

Happily, you do not need to buy a special lubricant for the task. The oil available at home can work. Moreover, you do not need to do it every month. Lubricating it once or after two months will keep the parts intact.


If you want your paddleboard to remain in a good condition for a long time, you need to take care of it.

Washing it regularly, avoiding harsh cleaning detergents, storing it in a cool dry place, not dragging it can keep it strong and in good condition for a long time.

By keeping the paddleboard clean and handling it with care, you can be assured to have it for a long time.

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