How to increase the lifespan of your hair extension?

Choose the right type of hair extension

The best way to double the lifespan of your hair extensions is to treat them like your own hair. So it’s important for you to buy hair extensions that suit the texture, color, and hairstyle of your natural hair. And be aware that you should choose carefully about the hair length and volume, it not only wastes your time to trim the hair, but processing again may cause damage to your hair extension and even your natural hair.

Brush and detangle regularly

Just like we said above, you should take care of your hair as your real hair. You should brush your hair extensions as a daily routine so that you can make sure to detangle the hair. And remember to avoid brushing your unice hair when the hair is still wet. Wet hair extensions are fragile and easy to cause breakage. So you can just brush your hair the right way and at the proper time to double the lifespan of your hair extension.

Cut the styling times

Many people choose to wear hair extensions due to their versatility in changing hairstyles and hair colors. Even having a hair extension means less stress on your natural hair when it comes to processing the hair. And styling your usually needs heat tools to help you to finish the process. But the heat can have a damaging effect on the hair, especially for synthetic hair extensions. So it’s wise for someone wearing hair extensions to cut the times of using a flat or curling iron to make styles. And coloring your hair is also not recommended.

Avoid tangling when you sleep

Sleeping is good for your health but is not so good for your hair extensions, it can cause your hair to frizz and tangle if you toss and turn at night. But there are several ways to help the tangling stay away from your hair. You can tie your hair back loosely and use a silk scarf or hairband to fix the hair. The key is to make your hair stay in one place to avoiding friction with the pillow.

Have some backup hair

Investing in more than one hair bundles is a great way to have different hairstyles and colors instead of putting too much pressure on one hair extension. By having different hairstyles and colors, it can avoid using heat for styling and chemicals for dyeing.

Maintain regularly

There are usually two types of hair extensions, synthetic hair, and human hair. Synthetic require less maintenance, but it has a shorter lifespan due to its materials. Comparing with synthetic hair, human hair bundles have a longer lifespan.

Store properly

Instead of tossing your hair extension on your bed or into a closet, you need to aware that proper storage can have a positive effect on the lifespan of your hair extension. You can gently wrap your hair with silk satin or scarf, or you can use a hanger or box. The key for storing the hair is that you need to keep your hair extensions away from direct sunlight and humidity, especially in the summertime.

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