How to Guide – Install macOS Big Sur on an Unsupported MacBook 

Like millions of MacBook users, do you also feel your MacBook is too old to run the latest macOS? Well, maybe not! 

Here is a trick: update your older MacBooks to Big Sur and run the latest macOS like a pro. 

MacBook Updates – 

Apple updates its macOS laptop operating systems and desktops at least once a year. The sole purpose is to bring more advanced features and betterment to the table. Apple’s latest version of macOS Big Sur cannot be accessed on older MacBooks than 2013. This means MacBooks cannot be updated officially – unless you are following this brief guide.

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Is MacBook too old to be updated?

This is a consistent question running in every MacBook user’s mind for sure. Well, you can find answers to this question by running your macOS on a compatibility checker that tests the MacBook in detail and shows accurate results. This compatibility check tells which version of macOS can run your latest software or applications. 

As per the experts from Apple, the older version of macOS High Sierra had a better scope to install and run macOS. Later, the experts predicted that if you have a MacBook older than 2012, you may not be able to access Mojave or Catalina effectively. Despite all the complications, it is still possible to run the latest macOS version on your older MacBook. All thanks to a patcher that made this deal work the best. 

How to install Big Sur on an unsupported MacBook – 

This will require installing macOS Big Sur first. Once you do that, you will see Software Updates as soon as they are available from the backend. Ideally, you should not be installing the latest updates. Thus, prefer to create a USB stick that comes with current installation files. Update the system in this manner to avoid hampering the other settings.

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Is it possible to run Catalina on an older version of the MacBook?

Yes, that’s possible for sure. You can download the latest version of macOS Catalina Patcher through DOSDude1. This patcher will enable you to download and install the latest version of Catalina on your old-school MacBook. You may witness a slightly slow speed while installing these updates. But relax as there are plenty of ideas available online to speed up the slow processing of the MacBook. It sounds like a regular task once you begin to give it a try. 

DODDude1 offers a detailed video tutorial to make the installation process easier for those who don’t know. For this, you can start with – 

  1. Downloading the newest model of the Catalina patch. 
  2. Open the app 
  3. Choose an option to download the copy. 
  4. Now is the time to plug in the flash drive and create a ‘bootable installer for easy access.

Conclusion – 

Dealing with the older and new versions of MacBook sounds confusing until you get into this zone for real. However, MacBooks come with plenty of advanced features and functionalities to impress you, but things may change drastically when talking about accessing a few software or programs. For this, ensure to reap ample information in advance before experimenting with the DIYs available online.

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