Facebook live views is a powerful feature to use to get your message out in frontof your audience, Most people struggle with Facebook live because it is live. You mess-up, people are there witnessing your downfall.

How to grow more live videos views

  • Crazy title; create a catchy title that no one can pass over it without checking. Let it be something that elevate their emotion or state to want to click and watch the video content.
  • Grab the audience attention in first 5 seconds, Remember, when you go live most people are not going to be there when you first start talking which is why it is important to capture the viewers’ attention in the first 5minutes because most people will opt to watch the replay, beconscious of what you are saying from the beginning and understand the people who are really going to see the video are going to be watching or tuning in to the replay.
  • Establish credibility as soon aspossible, on the video tell your audience what you are going to tell them or what they are going to learn from listening and watching your video
  • Create Engagement worthy content. Askyourself, why would a person want to like your video, why would a person need tocommentand share yourcontent? As a Facebook video uploader it is your duty to create content worthy content. Before you go live go do some research, find out other videos where you see people talk about similar topic and have a lot of engagement see the kind of interaction they have with their audience and do things that are similar, this will make your videos better.
  • Solve problems. As an entrepreneur your focus should be on solving other people’s problems. Look for problems and work out their solutions.
  • In online you can find many website for Facebook live video marketing you can take service from their and you will get instant result.
  • Call to action, the call to action has to be logic based.
  • Edit your thumbnails and tags, when you are done with your livestream Facebook will automatically create a thumbnail from the live video. Most people don’t know you can edit the tags and thumbnails of a live video. What are tags? They are key words that associate your video with a specific topic. You have the ability to edit all of the things. After finishing a live video on top right corner of your screen, there is an edit button which you can edit your live action. By clicking this site you can know how to increase Instagram followers.

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