How to Easily Shoot & Edit Tiktok videos? Just Use FilmoraGo for iPhone!

Do you know TikTok, the social media of the moment? There are many data that support the popularity and importance of TiktTok in the digital landscape in 2021, so it is an obligation for digital marketing and communication professionals to know it and learn how it can be useful in their marketing strategies.

TikTok is currently in the 10th position for downloads worldwide, having a rating of 4.7 out of 5 in its more than 5 million user reviews. Regarding the regular users of TikTok, the tiktokers, we count that in 2021 there are about 800 million active users per month, with an average daily use of between 45 and 50 minutes, who come to see more than 1 million videos a day. All in all, TikTok brings out the short video phenomenon very well, it becomes an excellent short videos platform for digital marketing.

Then here comes the question, how do we use this platform properly? Start making and uploading videos? For some people, it is a difficult activity, which only professionals can do. But now it is 2021. Many mobile video editing applications were created for newbies in video editing.

However, of these video editing applications, only a few are truly reliable. One of them is Wondershare FilmoraGo for iPhone. With this iPhone video editor, editing a video can be done more easily and with fun. And you don’t have to spend so much time in editing courses.

Why is FilmoraGo recommended for making Tik Tok videos?

– It provides multiple video transitions, stikers, filters, effects, which can be used to make appealing videos, after all, the focus of short videos is its cool and stunning style.

– It has thousands of royalty music resources, you know, the soul of short videos is its varied and suitable music.

– Double take (for iPhone XR, iPhone 11 and 12 series), if you are a life recorder, with this feature, you can record beautiful scenes while recording yourself.

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– AR camera with filters and stickers (for iPhone XR, iPhone 11 and 12 series). If you have tried adding AR stickers to selfies, I believe you will be interested in this feature, it’s new in the latest version 5.8.0. While you use Filmora iOS to shoot videos, you can add filters and AR stickers in current time, there is no need to go through an editing process again.

– PIP. If you have watched game videos, you know that many bloggers will mainly display the game screen, and then there is a small window to display the blogger himself, this is the PIP function.

Is Wondershare FilmoraGo free?

Of course it’s free to download, but to get rid of the watermark you need to pay. Don’t worry because FilmoraGo is a very affordable application, you can know more information and download this iPhone video editor from App Store.

Hopefully by reading this article you will find out that there are still cheap, easy, and funny ways to produce short videos that will certainly spearhead your digital marketing on TikTok. Have a nice try!

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