How to deal with the most challenging android vulnerability?

The Strandhogg is considered to be one of the most challenging android vulnerabilities in the world of mobile applications and the total number of applications is also increasing day by day. As the number of application downloads is increasing the applications are becoming much more vulnerable to different kinds of threats which is the main reason that organisations need to pay proper attention to all these kind of things. In the year 2019 vulnerability was reported associated with the android systems which were known as the Strandhogg and this is considered to be one of the most challenging vulnerabilities because of the significant security impact on the android user systems.

This particular vulnerability is considered to be real-life malware which can pose to be a very legitimate threat to the applications and the worst part is that users will never be aware of its presence. This is considered to be very much unique because it will enable the sophisticated attacks without any kind of need of the devices to be rooted and it is also based upon the weakness of the multitasking system of the android so that powerful attacks are enacted and it also allows the malicious applications to masquerade as any other app on the device. The exploitation of this particular concept is based upon the android control setting which will allow the applications to assume any kind of identity and indulge in the multitasking system very freely.

This particular vulnerability can allow the hackers to distribute the malicious applications on the android app store or the APK downloading systems of the websites and if any of the phone users download this it can impact the legitimate application on the same device which can lead to different kinds of issues for the users.

Once exploited by all the hackers the consequences of the phone users can be as follows:

  • They will be very much successful in terms of stealing out the passwords and user names because they will be phishing out the login credentials.
  • It can be very much successful in terms of reading out the bank accounts and the hackers can also read as well as send out the SMS messages through the phones.
  • Hackers can also have access to private photos and files on the devices.
  • Hackers can also make record different kinds of telephonic conversations
  • The hackers can also spy through the camera of the phone along with a microphone.
  • The hackers can also indulge in the tracking of the user in movement and location which can further lead to different kinds of issues.
  • The hackers can indulge in the assessing of the user contact list, email and phone logs.

How you can very easily protect the applications and other things?

There are different kinds of companies that are indulging in the proactive implementation of things so that mobile applications are easily protected against all the attacks and risks and always ensure that Mobile applications are very much successful in terms of running on different kinds of systems. In comparison with the antivirus software, there are different kinds of companies that are coming up with the latest available systems so that virus database update can be undertaken perfectly and in comparison to the other systems, this concept is very much successful in terms of handling the application solutions. The whole components of the concept are very much successful in terms of preventing passive attacks because necessary measures can be taken in real-time so that there is no issue in the long run and full protection can be easily achieved. Following are some of the very basic core functions which the organisations need to perform:

  • It is very important on the behalf of companies to indulge in anti-reverse engineering and anti-tampering systems.
  • The organisations need to indulge in the anti-debugger systems along with anti-stealing systems so that there is no issue in the long run.
  • It is very much crucial to implement the client management from server systems so that overall purposes are easily and efficiently achieved without any kind of hassle and companies can protect the applications from all kinds of vulnerabilities perfectly.

It is very important on behalf of organisations to indulge in the implementation of the right kind of enterprise management systems so that security levels are enhanced and while applications are very much protected from the point of view of users so that there is no issue in the long run and overall goals are easily as well as efficiently achieved.

Protecting the mobile applications with the help of different kinds of systems can include the following points:

  1. It is very much important for organisations to indulge in providing secure code education to all the developers.
  2. It is very important to indulge in the implementation of bringing of that particular technology so that regular security testing has been perfectly undertaken by the organisations and best of the mobile applications are launched in the industry so that consumers and all the stakeholders are highly satisfied with the whole system.
  3. The developers need to indulge in the realising of the importance of such systems so that if there is enough time of implementing the things and everything has been properly undertaken which will give the developers proper time to integrate the security tools in terms of development.
  4. The utilisation of the trusted SDK from the trusted sources is also very much important to ensure that developers can implement the things based on strong authentication so that we can isms are perfectly able to ensure a higher level of security of data as well as data in transit.
  5. The utilisation of the advanced level projections is also very important so that runtime production can be taken complete advantage of and advanced earlier attacks are perfectly implemented in both Android as well as iOS devices.

Hence, indulging in the implementation of the right kind of app shielding systems and other reliable security measures is very much important to ensure that strandhogg related vulnerabilities will be dealt with perfectly and everything will be carried out under the production schedules as well as budgets.

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