How to Choose The Right Walkie-Talkies for Your School?

A walkie-talkie is a two-way radio that allows you to communicate in a limited range. They have a wide range of uses, although telephones and mobiles are better than them, they are more appropriate in some places.

Nowadays, various schools and universities use Walkie-talkies to keep in touch with their staff and students. Although you can communicate using mobile phones, it costs more and is less efficient than walkie-talkies. If you want to buy walkie-talkies for your school, you need to do some research. Hundreds of different brands are available on the market, so selecting the right walkie-talkie can be difficult.

Following are some of the factors that you need to pay attention to.


The place where you are going to use the walkie-talkie is the most important thing to consider. What is the area of your campus grounds? What is the orientation of classrooms? Are classrooms in a multi-story building? Etc.

Each walkie-talkie model has different specifications that fit a certain environment. Before buying, you must carefully read the specifications and highlights to ensure you are buying what you need.

Radio Frequency

The walkie-talkie frequency range can be roughly divided into two types: Very high-Frequency band (VHF) and Ultra High-Frequency band (UHF). The very high-frequency band ranges from 30 MHz to 300 MHz, while Ultra High-Frequency Band ranges from 300MHz to 3000MHz. VHF is suitable for communication over large distances, but it can only communicate in line of sight. Being blocked by a physical obstacle lowers communication efficiency. You can’t use this frequency indoors as being blocked by walls will reduce the communication efficiency. UHF, on the other hand, is suitable for use indoors; you can use them in classroom buildings. You need to choose between these two frequencies and decide which walkie-talkie to buy.

Battery Life

The battery Life of a walkie-talkie is another important aspect you need to consider. You don’t want the battery life to be too short, making it inconvenient and impractical. Walkie-talkies mainly use two types of batteries: alkaline and lithium batteries. Alkaline batteries are usually non-rechargeable and have a battery life of anywhere from one year to two years. Once they run out, you need to find a replacement, which you can find easily. The walkie-talkies using alkaline are not designed for heavy-duty, as the battery can run out quickly in case of frequent use.

Lithium batteries are rechargeable and are currently the most efficient and powerful batteries out there. Once charged, a lithium battery can last 10-30 hours. Walkie-talkies using lithium batteries are designed for heavy-duty and can stand frequent use. Once the battery runs out, you just need to recharge it, and it’s good to go. When buying a walkie-talkie, you need to consider whether to use an alkaline or lithium battery. You also need to search and find the walkie-talkie with the best battery life.

Price Range

You need to consider the price of the walkie-talkie and whether it’s worth the price. You need to find a brand that provides the best value for your money. Check all the features and highlights to ensure that this is the walkie-talkie you need. You also need to find a balance between quality and affordability.

We recommend buying walkie-talkies of good quality even if the price is higher. Because low-quality products often fail and need to be replaced. Although higher quality products are relatively expensive, they are long-lasting, making them a worthy investment.


Some walkie-talkies need a license, while others don’t; Professional ones usually need a license. We recommend buying walkie-talkies from manufacturers that help you get the license. Buying a license allows you to have a secure private frequency that you can use for your school. You now understand what you need to consider when buying a walkie-talkie. If you find it troublesome to search on your own, we recommend you contact NRC Radio, who are expert in this field. When you need a professional supplier of walkie-talkies for your school, speak to NRC Radio, who will give you the advice you need.

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