How streaming services are helping businesses cope with COVID

The ongoing pandemic has significantly impacted the way we work, travel, socialize, and a host of other areas in United States comprising most of its federal states like Orlando. ‘New normal’ is a term that has emerged and services like virtual conferencewebcasting, and live streaming have taken the centre stage helping people to stay connected and accomplish work, manage homes, provide e-learning, and more. Billions of people across the globe are now forced to stay indoors and rely on virtual entertainment making service providers like webcasting and live streaming busier than ever and focusing on fresh content, low-data transmission, etc. A professional AV solutions company or a trusted Orlando AV Company can help you get on track and get online with these solutions.

Major players like Amazon are even offering a selection of free films and TV shows for families and kids irrespective of subscription. In some regions, such service providers are even localizing the content. Localization has been successfully achieved even in countries like India where its population of over 1.3 billion speaks more than 25 different regional languages. Some live streaming services have even reduced the live streaming bitrates so that there is lesser strain on the internet infrastructure. Many businesses are also gaining from the latest live event streaming technologies in business, education, and entertainment segments.

Many business experts agree that the future belongs to the digital world and we can already see significant evidence of this conviction. Education and entertainment are two sectors already thriving and e-commerce is another winner in these difficult times. On the other side of the fence, however, there are scores of businesses that are fighting a battle for survival, and scores of brick-n-mortar businesses across the globe are among the worst hit. Even at the end of about 6 months, lockdown imposed by federal governments is in force in many regions and people are preferring to stay indoors even in regions where the lock-down has been lifted. There are fewer takers for cab-hailing, movie tickets, cinemas, luxury hotels, convention centers, and even cafeterias and food joints.

But, there are businesses in Orlando and other States that are thriving, particularly those businesses that were uniquely positioned to gain from people staying indoors and glued to their connected world via webcastingvirtual conferences, and the like. The following are among examples of businesses that are in fact gaining from the ongoing pandemic.


Etsy is a marketplace that helps crafter to sell directly to the consumer and its quarterly profit rose by a staggering 400% compared to the previous year with homebound consumers picking up more furnishings and home décor particularly. Homemade face masks also contributed significantly to this steep growth in profits.


Domino’s is another business that has been laughing all the way to the bank. During the second quarter, Domino’s notched up a 28% growth in profits compared to the previous year. Delivery methods including contactless delivery were tuned in to aid this growth.


This is another business similar to Domino’s serving people who are unwilling or unable to dine out. During the April-June quarter, this business grew 37% in profits compared to the same period last year.


Fewer people around the globe have not used Zoom during these troubled times. Zoom has been particularly riding high in the education sector with online schooling becoming the norm. But zoom has been facing multiple storms with the ban imposed by many nations since Zoom is a Chinese app. Yet, Zoom continues to be the go-to app for online learning and work-from-home population with live streaming of content, virtual conferences, and web-casting.

Cloud-based services

The opportunity presented by the pandemic has also been lapped up by industry majors like Google, Amazon, IBM, Microsoft, and Dell. Most of the Web-casting, virtual conference and live streaming are using cloud services for reliable content delivery.


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