How important is an emergency notification system?

Today, we’re sharing with you one of the most important features of our lives: An emergency notification system. It is a feature that we take for granted, and many don’t even think about it. But in reality, this feature saves millions of lives every year and makes us feel safe while we sleep.

What Is an Emergency Notification System?

Emergency notification systems are critical for public safety. If they are not functioning, an individual or the public could suffer the consequences of a natural disaster, terrorist attack, medical emergency, or other life-threatening events.

In addition, as it is essential to be able to communicate with each other during emergencies, it is important to have an effective emergency notification system.

It is the first line of defense for your community against dangerous events. If it fails, it can leave people helpless and give criminals more time to act. But, it also works great as a lifesaver in case you get into any unexpected trouble or dangers.

How Do Emergency Notification Systems Work?

Your phone is equipped with a cellular network and has access to mobile data that can link many people across its local area. The network provider identifies which cell your telephone is registered to; it then either connects you to them or sends broadcast messages using additional communications channels such as satellites, WiFi broadcasting, etc.

The network uses a silent receiver that has been able to detect signals from its sending system on the other end. When it detects any message, this leads to the receiving device and sends it over voice or text messages through an Internet connection. This type is most common, so you can easily communicate your degree of safety.

If you want a more advanced system, here are some possibilities:

RapidReach: It is one of the most used personal emergency notification systems you can avail now.

Critical Message Service (CMS): Developed by the European Telecommunications Standards Institute, a proprietary protocol. It can broadcast and reach any cell on its network and receiver to bounce messages back with additional data such as medical records, evacuation notices, directions for aid workers, etc.

Code Red: It is a similar protocol, and instead of direct communication, it works by allowing messages to be relayed through alternate systems such as cellular networks and private radio.

Amber: The main difference with the above list is that this service employs advanced information-domain search techniques in addition to message propagation.

Vox Mobile: This service sends the message directly to the home of your contact’s mobile phone rather than through an alternate system. The SMS is then relayed by cellular tower data back on site again onto both of your cell phones.

Lora: It is a proprietary system using low noise modulation and frequency hopping on the part of one’s cellular phone to localize the source of any message coming from another mobile phone within coverage areas; however, it can not be used throughout an entire city.

importance of using Emergency Notification System

There are lot’s of importance of using emergency notification systems you will find throughout your life. Here are some of them-

  1. You can get emergency alerts on your phone.
  2. You can receive notifications on your computer or smart device.
  3. It will send you a message when there is an emergency in your area.
  4. It helps you to stay informed.
  5. It helps you to be prepared.
  6. It can help you save money on your phone bill.
  7. It can help prevent accidents and injuries.
  8. You can send emergency notifications to your family and friends.
  9. You can be notified when there is a fire, flood, or another disaster. – It is 100% free.

In addition, because of ENS, you can receive notifications from Emergency Medical Services or First Responders in your area using the same information sent via EMS dispatch panels.

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