How Does A Live Online Casino Actually Work?

The live online casino revolution is here, and if you haven’t already seen the tech in action, check it out now. You won’t be disappointed. Yes, you can get a live feed of a real casino croupier, straight to your desktop computer or mobile device, and bet on the games with real money. It’s all very science fiction, but happens to be possible in this day and age.

Wondering how it all works? Let’s take a closer look at the tech behind this impressive achievement.

What Is A Live Online Casino?

Visit an online casino and you’ll have a few options. First, you can check out digital versions of classic casino games. This includes recreations of Roulette, Poker and other games, all of which are very impressive. Of course, the games aren’t real, but generally use high-quality graphics and ambient sounds to create the illusion of being in a casino. You’re probably fine gambling online using these digital recreations. But there are some gamblers that demand nothing less than reality.

For these people, there is the live casino option. A live casino, as the name suggests, is an actual video feed of a real croupier. Plus, of course, you can bet on the games as they unfold.

To add to the entertainment, many live casino streams are themed, putting you in an 1800s Old West saloon, for example. The games will still play out using modern rules, but why not set your game of Roulette in an old saloon? It’s fun!

Gameshow Live Casino Games

Some iGaming companies go even further, introducing entirely new games in the live format. Crazy Time, Deal Or No Deal Live and Monopoly Live are great examples. The games purposefully imitate classic gameshow, letting you feel like you’re taking part in a TV show as it happens.

Crazy Time in particular is very popular, drawing in thousands of players on a daily basis. If you’re bored with all the usual casino games, check out Crazy Time for something truly unique.

So How Does It Work?

Make no mistake, live casino games are a complicated prospect. Mega corporations like Evolution make use of dedicated broadcast studios. A number of tables are set up in the studio, along with elaborate broadcast stations. Multiple high-quality cameras capture the action as it happens, sending the information to a processing system.

The processing system, referred to as Optical Character Recognition (OCR,) recognises playing cards, Roulette wheel pockets, or other necessary information. Once the relevant data is recognised and processed, it’s then broadcast, along with the video stream, to you at home.

Interestingly, live casino studios also need a pit boss. A pit boss, traditionally, is present in every land-based casino to solve disputes. If a player feels that the game is not progressing fairly, they contact the pit boss to make a final decision. Since live casino games are real, a pit boss must be at hand to solve any disputes.

Are Live Casinos Fair?

Of course. Live casinos are 100% fair, regulated, and always operate according to the law. Only real Roulette wheels, playing cards, and other casino equipment is used, ensuring that a live casino is up to the exact standards of other land-based casinos. Croupiers are also extremely professional and well-trained, handling games to a strict set of rules and standards.

Additionally, as mentioned, a pit boss is always at hand. In the extremely unlikely case of having a dispute, you can contact the pit boss immediately. The pit boss will always handle any disputes in a professional, respectful manner.

Can You Participate In Live Casino Games?

Of course you can, assuming that you meet the minimum requirements. First of all, you’ll need to sign up at an online casino that offers live dealer games. Then, simply select a game of your choice, sit back, and watch as the live broadcast starts to stream. You can bet by making use of the interactive, built-in user interface.

However, keep in mind that streamed, high-quality video requires a strong, stable internet connection. Especially if you’re playing on a mobile device, ensure that your WiFi connection is strong, and that you have adequate bandwidth. Video quality will adjust automatically based on your connection speed. If you find that your device is unable to handle the feed, you can always head to great sites like Big Dollar online casino and play digital versions of your favourite games.

Can You Chat With Croupiers?

Yes, you absolutely can chat with the croupiers. The majority of live dealer casino games have built-in chat functionality. You’re free to chat with the croupier or any other players, offering a truly entertaining social experience.

Of course, you’re going to have to be polite in your chatting. The studio certainly won’t stand for any rude or obnoxious behaviour, quickly kicking and banning any misbehaving players. For the most part, however, you can chat about anything you like. You can also share in the celebrations of other players that hit a win.

Why Isn’t The Live Casino Working?

If you’ve signed up at an online casino, but can’t get the stream to work, chances are that you don’t have sufficient internet bandwidth. Remember; live streams require much stronger internet than video. So, you may be able to watch Netflix and YouTube videos, but still not have sufficient bandwidth for a live stream.

If you’re on a mobile device, ensure that you’re connected to WiFi, rather than using your device’s direct connection. WiFi is always more stable, and more reliable than a connection to a cell tower

Always Play Smart

Regardless if you’re playing live casino games, or traditional digital games, always remember to play smart. Don’t bet with money you can’t afford to lose, don’t chase losses, and always quit while you’re ahead.

Although casino games are primarily about entertainment, you must take games of chance seriously. An online casino is not able to give refunds, reverse a bet, or otherwise interfere with the game. All bets are final. Good luck, and we hope you hit the jackpot!

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