How Do You Hold a Successful Meeting With Microsoft Teams?

Since more people are now utilizing video conferences than in-person conversation, several sites and applications now strive to develop their Zoom conference and Microsoft Teams meeting rooms. However, what comes with it is the technical complications that most people are not experienced with technology.

Work Goes on

Hundreds of companies are now adjusting to the new normal, consisting mainly of stay-at-home work, endless virtual meetings, and phone calls. The majority of work and training is now done via Microsoft Teams meeting rooms since companies are now scrambling to protect their employees from the spread of coronavirus.

With stay-at-home work arrangements and travel restrictions in play, employers are struggling to keep the work going. Here are a few suggestions to have a successful virtual meeting with Microsoft Teams:

Do Test Runs

The best way to keep the meeting uninterrupted is to test your team’s devices ahead of time. Since not everyone is experienced with technology, many might still need help with either downloading the software, with their video cameras, or even their device’s audio. Before the actual meeting, it’s recommended to test all the members’ or participants’ devices to ensure that they are no problems and comfortable with the software you are using.

Make Sure to Use Video

Virtual meetings via Microsoft teams are more productive and effective if people feel like they’re in an actual meeting.

By keeping the video on during the whole meeting, employers can easily make sure the participants listen. It also helps in keeping the participants engaged in the meeting. Virtual meetings are more successful if people can see other participants. Employers can also ask participants to sit closer to create a more intimate connection.

Have a Dial-in Option

The meeting should always be inclusive. It’s better to have enabled the dial-in option for those who are busy, on the go, or can’t turn on their video. This helps participants to be still involved in the meeting despite having some difficulties.

Keep It Brief and Concise

Keeping one’s focus during a virtual meeting is hard for many people. There’s nothing worse than spending most of your day listening to a lengthy presentation online. For presentations, it’s best to keep them brief and concise. When using Microsoft Teams meeting rooms, only share the content that you need.

Ask for Feedback

Holding high-quality virtual meetings is challenging for everybody—whether you’re the employer or the employees. The best way to resolve problems they encountered during the conference is to ask the participants directly. Many companies provide online survey forms after the meeting to immediately report feedback from the participant’s end. It’s best to ask for feedback after the session to avoid any disruptions during the discussion. After receiving the feedbacks, companies can quickly identify any problems and provide clear instructions on how to resolve them.

Hold Virtual Meetings Frequently

Stay-at-Home work is the new normal. The best way to get used to virtual meetings is to hold them frequently. By practising, you usually adjust to the current situation. After the meeting, find out which functions you had trouble with, familiar with, and the entire experience during the session, how you can make the virtual meeting more productive like actual in-person meetings.

Investing in time and effort to prepare for the meeting is one of the best ways to make virtual conferences work. Working under the current conditions isn’t easy as many external factors could affect a person’s productivity. However, no matter how difficult it is, work must continue.

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