How do I use actions in Photoshop CC?


If you are involved in the photo-making process, then you might be familiar with the “action” tool in Photoshop CC. But, it is okay if you are not familiar with this.

It is a tool that performs or applies tasks that make the photo-editing more creative. If normal photo editing tools take hours then the action tool will help you to reduce the struggle.

Editing photos manually and repetitively is quite a struggle and time-consuming. But a Photoshop action will record your repetitive task and save the information that will enable you to use it again for other tasks as well.

You can always buy Photoshop actions on Sleeklens at an affordable price that will reduce your trouble.

Now, to introduce you to this innovative tool we have shared here some basic and easy steps that will make your photo-editing journey more convenient and efficient.

How do I use actions in Photoshop CC?

Here are some best tips on how to use actions in Photoshop CC. We hope you can learn and apply them in the process of photo editing.

Without any further delay let’s check it out.

Find the best Photoshop for you

It is very important to find the best Photoshop program suitable for you. There are a lot of programs or services available offering the best Photoshop experience including the “Action” tool that you are referring to. Programs like Adobe, Sleeklens, Pixlr, Adobe Lightroom for Mobile, Google Snapseed are the most preferred among the photographer’s community.

Install Photoshop actions in Photoshop

The first and foremost step is to install the tool in your respective photo-editing software. Save the actions in a findable location on the computer, go to the action palette in your Photoshop.

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Then go to the top right corner of the actions palette and choose the box containing 4 horizontal lines. After that, you will find “Load Actions” at the bottom, then go back to the previous location and select the .atn file, lastly click open.

That is how easily you can install Photoshop actions in Photoshop.

Record an action

By creating a new action, it automatically starts adding the tools and commands you are using unless you stop recording. The steps are pretty simple.

After opening a file, create a new action in the action panel. Then insert an action name. choose an action set and then put some additional options.

In the button mode, you can also choose a color for display. Press the recording button and it will start recording until you stop it. You can simply click the “Stop Recording” button or Esc key to prevent recording.

Record a path

You can always insert a path while recording or after the action has been recorded. It enables you to include complex tools in the process. You can always skip the function.

Let us give you instruction in case you change your mind. First, start recording an action. At the end of the process, choose an action’s name and then put a command to record the path.

From the path panel, you have to choose a path that already exists. Lastly, select the insert path in the action panel.

These few easy steps will help you to record a path and enhance your Photoshop experience.

Insert a stop

Including a stop in an action enables you to get rid of tasks that are not recorded. You can press the play button from the actions panel to complete the action.

After you are done with the action, choose an action name to insert a stop. You will find the “insert stop” option from the “action panel” and press it to start the process.

Then you can simply type the information you want to show. If you are willing to let the function continue, then press the “Allow Continue” button. Lastly, press OK for confirmation.

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Play the action

In this process, you will see three options: “Accelerated”, “Step by Step”, and “Pause For”. To find these options you need to go to the upper right side of the “action panel” and press the playback option.

The first option will proceed with playing the action at a normal speed. But if you want to observe how the action is performing, then press the second option. And the third option enables you to pause the action between every step.

That is how easily you can play your action by following the steps accordingly.


So far, we have presented the best ideas to you. These few steps are really easy and comfortable to follow and you should never face any difficulties in the process.

There are also some additional steps like removing commands from an action or editing and recording the action or rearrange commands etc. But as a beginner, it would be better for you to follow the previous steps.

So, did you get your answer on How do I use actions in Photoshop CC? We believe you are satisfied with our information. We wish you very good luck in the photography journey. Last but not the least, you can always look for professional assistance if required.

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