How Do I Submit a Guest Post?

Whether you are a blogger, a content writer, or just interested in gaining more exposure for your business, there are a few simple steps that you can follow. Here are four tips that can help you get started: Find a blog, write a guest post, promote it, and include social proof. Hopefully, these tips will make your guest post writing experience as enjoyable as possible. Good luck!

Find blogs

Before you start writing, you may be wondering how to submit guest post. Whether you have a blog or a LinkedIn profile, there are ways to increase your chances of being published. You can also write for a benchmark platform, which is an online community that focuses on email marketing and has more than 700k readers a month. You can submit posts from your personal blog or LinkedIn profile, and they will link to your post, thereby bringing your content to a large audience.

Before you start your guest blogging journey, make sure you have quality content. Use tools such as Moz Bar to check the page and domain authority of a target blog. Make sure to investigate author links. Don’t submit spammy links or low-quality content. Once your post has been accepted, you can begin building a relationship with the site’s owner and contribute content in the future. Once you have established a rapport with a reputable blogger, you can submit quality content.

Write a guest post

When submitting your guest post for publication, it is best to follow the editorial calendar of the site you want to contribute to. Good blogs and quality magazines have editorial calendars, so you should plan your guest post submission accordingly. Think of topics that the content editor might want to publish months from now. For example, you should pitch your holiday-related post to a blog in September or October. The same goes for non-traditional publications. By doing guest posting service, you can do rank your website.

When writing a guest post, make sure to use quality content. The quality of your post depends on the quality of the blog you’re submitting to. For example, a 900-word post should contain several screenshots. A post that is 500 words should include a single image. A guest post should be similar to the content of the host site, or else it will not be published. Also, make sure to include links to your own blog posts.

Promote it

If you’d like to increase your website traffic, promoting a guest post can be a great way to do so. To get started, find a website that hosts guest posts and look for the guidelines for posting a guest post. Once you’ve got a list of sites, you can contact them and ask to guest blog. Alternatively, use the power of Google to find relevant blogs and guest post submissions.

A great way to promote a guest post is to pay attention to the latest news in your niche. Comment on it and share a link to your guest post. Also, retweet the link every few weeks. By doing this, you’ll be sure to attract attention and generate traffic. And, it’s easy to do! Just use the best web hosting company in India to get started. And don’t forget to mention the website where your guest post was published.

Include social proof

One of the most effective ways to increase your guest post’s social proof is to use customer testimonials. If your target market is newbies, try including reviews from those with similar backgrounds to yours. Similarly, if you’re targeting beauty experts, use social proof from professionals in the industry. This way, you’ll attract new customers to your business. Then, make sure to mention the company’s social proof to back up your claims.


It can be difficult to get authentic testimonials, but you can always use fake ones paired with random photos. Add a picture of someone who owns a product and has a high number of subscribers to make it look more credible. You can also use social proof in email marketing to get more subscribers. Lastly, remember to include testimonials and images that will help you get high-quality reviews. The more credible your testimonials and social proof, the more likely they will be noticed.

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