How Digital Signage Can Line with Your Eco Strategy in 2021

Digital transformation and going green are two of the most hyped trends for which almost every industry is striving, especially during the global outbreak of coronavirus pandemic. Taking all possible eco-friendly steps isn’t just a thing that you follow only to keep up the pace with your immediate competitors but a promise you made to save the planet and its natural resources; or what remains of it so far.

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Like many other industries, digital signage companies in Dubai along with LED manufacturing and relevant software development firms have also taken the initiative to make their products eco-friendly which is lighter on both; Earth as well as your pocket. But how can you actually go green using digital signage technology and what’s the overall contribution of such displays in saving our home planet? Let’s have a look into the details!

Go Green with Digital Signage – The Purpose & Outcome

Irrespective of your business nature or its size, the most obvious reason behind the go-green movement is to reduce carbon footprint, save tons of paper, electricity and many other natural resources that, otherwise, get in the way. Digital signage screens and player booths nowadays are mostly energy efficient which means the technology is purposely built to help businesses execute their marketing and promotion without all that paper waste or consuming a whole lot of natural resources.

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On the contrary, the technology also contributes in reducing the labour cost that otherwise would’ve been incurred in designing the blueprints on paper, having them printed and photocopying so on. Both employees and employers can thus focus more on their routine tasks and closely look into their respective jobs while playing safe with technology.

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All the Trees You can Save with Eco-Friendly Digital Signage

Before moving to the contribution of digital signage in saving trees, let’s have a look at critical statistical data collected from industry research. In an average office following the usual paper trend, more or less 10,000 copy paper sheets are consumed of which around 50% paper ends up in the trash by day end. All that said, paper comes from trees which means we’re actually destroying essential nature and forests which have got to stop.

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Then comes digital signage tech to save the day by providing your business the opportunity to connect with precious clients and customers, keeping them engaged while generating healthy ROI; all without compromising on quality of work or wasting natural resources. Indeed, we all love to print memos, flyers, posters and more only to toss in the trash bin by end of the day or at-least when the purpose has been fulfilled; only because it isn’t of any further use!

Then comes digital signage displays and software that powers it which can be managed remotely using cloud server and data accessibility tools to instantly update information only with a few clicks or swiping the fingers on the touch system. To go green with digital signage can easily have your message communicated with up to the latest details in a much faster, reliable and advanced manner. All of that while remaining paperless thereby saving trees and forests.

Business & Financial Benefits

With businesses and your pocket-book, it’s obvious that digital signage solutions in Dubai and worldwide saves you the cost of paper and printing without compromising on the quality or remaining uncertain whether the message has been delivered or not! In fact, with paper clutter, chances of an important message going unnoticed or remaining undelivered are higher whereas in the fast-moving world, you only have seconds to have your message communicated for which digital signage is perhaps the only and most effective medium.

To go green with digital signage is to replace those printed flyers, posters and memos with interactive, customised and dynamic content that’s sure to gain attention and optimistic response. Visual content is cherished by almost everyone given its accessibility, flexibility and convenience that can be in the form of videos, animation, images or a mix up of audio/visual as well as downloadable files for users to view on their own convenience.

Adding to it are the data dashboards embedded in the digital signage screens which collect all the crucial information and deliver it specifically to the right audience.

Say Goodbye to Electricity Waste

Electrical energy is perhaps the most difficult to harness and generating it requires a whole lot of natural resources which means even the tiniest of effort that can conserve energy is meaningful and contributes to a safer, greener planet.

The advancement in LED display technology also improved signage screens and various other systems by turning them into energy efficient. All such devices, gadgets and systems are made to save you a whole lot of energy which means twice the outcome of the technology, lesser the environmental impact and financial waste on electricity bills. For more information visit this site: forextradenews.

That said, outdoor signage display units are further being developed to adjust screen brightness automatically while being weather-proof so as to withstand sun, rain and other natural phenomena.

Eco-Friendly Signage & Its Impact on You

While looking into all the above details, it can be concluded that going green with digital signage solutions in Dubai can significantly reduce the cost of paper printing, electricity consumption and labour hours. On the contrary, you get to deploy the best and latest interactive screen technology that’s sure to grab viewer’s attention.

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