How cyberbullying can affect your child’s life

Cyberbullying is common in teens as they tend to think it is a harmless activity. Many don’t realize the effects it may have on the mental health of an individual. It disrupts your daily life and acts as a hindrance to everything that you do. Here is how your child may be suffering without letting you know if they’ve been a victim of cyber harassment.


الابتزاز الإلكتروني is humiliating, the bully behind the screen makes sure that the victim is embarrassed publicly. This scars your child as everyone now judges them based on the data that’s been leaked. Your child might stop participating in activities they used to love before because they are fearful, they might be rejected or thought of as someone embarrassing. We advise you to talk to your child and support them if they’ve recently been cyberbullied. Therapy is also a good option if they can’t seem to get better.

Lack of company

Often the victims of cyberbullying become lonely as all their peers make fun of them and their friends seem to drift away because they are afraid of being seen with them. This loneliness sends the victim’s mental health in a downward spiral and can cause them to think about self-harm.


Most suicide cases rise from teens suffering from blackmail. People go on and get humiliated and then lose all will to live when everyone they trusted starts drifting away from them. This is one of the more serious side effects of being cyberbullied and if you don’t notice any positive changes or signs of recovery, it’s best to send them to therapy to help them get clarity on the situation.

 Effects on reputation

Cyberbullying destroys the reputation of its victim. No matter how hard you try to delete the images or videos circling online, they can be saved into hundreds of copies and can resurface anytime without warning. Everyone around that person has seen the data and is judging them. Whatever hallway your child walks down on, they get hundreds of judgmental stares and no one to face it with them. People talk behind their backs and numerous rumors arise.

الابتزاز الجنسي affects not only their reputation among their peers but also marks a bad impression among their teachers and elders. Their school record is ruined. We advise you to stay by their side as much as you can and listen properly to their needs and what they want. It is important that they get this support from you in times of vulnerability.

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