How Augmented Reality is Reshaping the iGaming Industry

Augmented reality (AR) is a concept players may be familiar with despite not recognizing the term. It enhances a version of the actual physical world using digital elements, such as visuals, sounds, and other sensory experiences. This technology is common in online games and makes the player feel truly ‘there’ when he plays. 

AR is enticing as it stimulates many of the brain’s senses, keeping it occupied and interested over longer periods. Here are some ways that AR is revolutionizing iGaming:

Online casinos

The casino business has moved online in many US states that legalized the practice. Many operators launched their endeavors right before COVID-19 hit, allowing them to continue earning an income despite brick-and-mortar facilities being shut or running partial operations. Online slots are a particular favorite among those who find gambling relaxing and do not want to worry about game strategy as they would in table games like blackjack and poker. With AR and VR companies putting in efforts to disrupt the online casino market, the games are set of offer a newer heightened experience to the players. 

On the other hand, the way iGaming is also creating a place for itself after the legalization in US, live betting combined with the AR technology is reshaping the market entirely. It’s yet to go mainstream so in meantime people usually go for slots games that are based on themes and storylines. These games take the player from one level to another. The sights and sounds on players’ screens change as they progress in the game, encouraging them to keep playing. Some popular themes include a trip through Ancient Egypt and superhero movies, such as Iron Man, X-men, and Captain America.

Taking a trip

With many people confined to their homes during COVID-19 lockdowns, they turned to technology to let them escape every now and again. AR technology deployed in virtual tours makes these experiences even more exciting. Many famous museums, art galleries, and other historic locations have created such tours to allow people to experience these places without leaving home for a real trip. Casinos use similar technology to offer live dealer games.

AR-based virtual tours have broadened many users’ horizons, making them more informed. Many parents took advantage of them during homeschooling to keep their children engaged.

The future of iGaming

AR market growth is evidence that this technology will continue to be enhanced and improved to make an iGaming experience even more realistic and engaging. Developers have made substantial strides in using AR and believe that much more is to come.

Constantly evolving technological discoveries and new approaches make innovation in AR a real possibility. We need only to think back to the earliest versions of iGaming products and compare them with today’s offerings to see how far AR has come in recent years. With so many iGaming offerings vying for domination in a fiercely competitive market, AR sets to distinguish which ones become bestsellers. 

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