Handy Tips For Creating The Perfect Architectural Drawing

A drawing is not just for visual satisfaction, it must appeal to your imaginative senses too. It should tell a story, which should be easily conveyed without any confusion.

More precision needs to be employed in the case of architectural drawing because they convey the entire plans of buildings and other structures.

You can take the aid of an architecture app for beginners to help you become an expert in this field. You can also refer to this article for handy tips on how you can polish your skill to create the perfect architectural drawing.

Utilize colors to their full potential

While black and white drawings are quite popular and look very simple, yet elegant, colors are capable of bringing out the life in a portrait.

Black and white paintings are usually drawn when you want to draw focus to the lines and shadows. You may also use a couple of colors to highlight a specific section of the painting.

Thus, you must use colors wisely to make sure you are fulfilling the entire point of your architectural drawing.

Focus on details

You must understand that your architectural drawing is going to be referred to construct a 3D structure from your 2D presentation.

Since your drawing holds so much importance, you must put in immense effort to get all the major and minute detailings perfect. This also tells a lot about your idea of texture and skill.

Change your perspective

The perspective does not hold much importance in the case of casual paintings because you have the freedom to imagine it in any way possible. But, this is not the case for architectural drawing.

The perspective will decide how a structure will be constructed. Thus, make sure you deviate from the normal and have such a perspective in mind that it is easier to picture the structure you have drawn.

Acquaint yourselves with new technology

Drawing a building on pen and paper is no longer the standard. With the advent of technology, thousands of apps are surfacing, which makes the designing of buildings incredibly easier.

You must experiment with these applications to find out which is the most suitable for you. The advantage of digital architectural drawing is how you can focus more on the details and make them perfect.

Light, lines, and texture

The important thing to remember while trying to give a 3D effect to a 2D structure is to concentrate on the direction of light. You can show it by fixing one or more sources of light and shading your drawing accordingly.

The use of lines is also very important because it gives the builders an idea of the depth of the structures. Thus, you can use one line to denote a thin surface, whereas multiple lines will mean a thick one.

Toning and shading work simultaneously to form the proper texture of a surface, and it is extremely important considering how the 3D version will be based on what is interpreted from the 2D drawing.

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