Guide to choosing Virtual Private Server (VPS) in India

Learn what you need about VPS Hosting

Definition of Virtual Private Server, also called VPS (Virtual Private Server): This system is based on the fact that the Web Hosting company offers its clients a Hosting with all the advantages of a dedicated server, but in reality it is a server shared by very few clients (3-8) through so-called “virtualization” techniques.

Each one of the clients of the server can install and uninstall software, they can modify configuration parameters of their server and in general they can do everything that a dedicated server allows them to do, without affecting at all what the rest of the webmasters are doing. on your “chunk” of server. You can even reset your “chunk” of server without resetting the entire server. This happens because we are working on a virtual machine.

vps hosting, vps server, virtual private serverThese equipment are indicated for those users who do not need the power of a dedicated server, but to whom a shared Hosting seems limited both in benefits and in the limitations to the installation of Software.

In a VPS the user can install the software he needs, and any modification he makes to his virtual server will be transparent to the rest of the users. At first glance it might seem that what VPS Hosting offers us is quite limited: Between 10 and 100 GB of storage, monthly transfer limits, speed limits. In contrast, many shared hosting companies offer thousands of GB of storage and a very high monthly transfer.

Nothing is further from reality, a VPS Server is usually shared only between 3-8 clients as we have already indicated, who share the capacity of the server, but do not share it and here is the main difference: If our VPS has guaranteed us 256 MB of RAM in a 2 GB server, we will always have 256 MB of RAM and when the other users are not using theirs the system will assign our virtual machine the remaining RAM up to the theoretical maximum of 2 GB available, in this example. The same can be said for transfer speed and processor usage. The hard drive and the monthly transfer limit are limited to what we have contracted.

What software is pre-installed? As a general rule, the system will come installed with Linux/Unix or Windows, Apache server, Perl, PHP, MySQL and a control panel such as Virtuozzo. In any case, each provider will have different offers vps service in India.

What operating system is recommended? As the author of this text I have no special preference towards any of them, but in the case of VPS hosting it is imperative to say that Linux/Unix supports the creation of virtual servers much better. While for Dedicated Servers and Shared Hosting I believe that each user should choose the Operating System with which they feel most comfortable, in VPS I would choose Linux, and not because of its ease of use, but because of the splendid performance that we are going to notice sharing a computer. with more users without realizing it. Let’s remember as we have already indicated in other guides that you will always manage your Hosting from a Control Panel, so if you know absolutely nothing about Linux you will be able to work perfectly.

And how do I manage my VPS? Through Plesk, cPanel or another Control panel. Plesk is a Control Panel Software that manages Hosting servers, it is a great utility given that when acquiring a Virtual Private Server we will surely want to have several domains on our server, with Plesk installed we will be able to control everything from a very simple interface. Once our VPS has been contracted, upon entering the system we will find ourselves directly with the Plesk interface, and from it we will be able to create domains, email accounts, view statistics, and a long etcetera, we will even be able to design our websites and put them into operation in a few moments . We could find applications other than Plesk, such as cPanel, Virtuozzo, Hsphere… but we should not worry as they are all equally easy to use. We can summarize by saying that what these Control Panels allow us is to manage our server without having to know how Apache works, or MySQL or other applications that require many hours of learning. It is no less important to know that with these Control Panel applications we can integrate, if we wish, applications to create our Hosting company. We will start working from day one.

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