GA4 Migration Guide

Google has set that 2023 will be the year they change Analytics. This means until then anyone who has an online presence and uses Google Analytics to track visitors and improve digital marketing efforts has until then to migrate everything. It is a challenge, and some people are wondering what their next action should look like. The best choice is likely to use a digital transformation agency Dubai to help with the change. If you are already using such a company then you should talk to them about GA4 migration and what it means for them and for you. Here is an overview of what this looks like and why it should happen as soon as possible.

Why it is best to get started now on migration

There are three main reasons not to procrastinate and to start the process and they are;

  1. Google Analytics only starts displaying data when the code has been implemented it is not retroactive so you cant get historical information in GA4.
  2. UA and GA4 are both tools based on completely different models of data so it is not possible to migrate historical data from Universal Analytics to GA4.
  3. Google is saying GA4 is an upgrade of UA. Really moviesverse that is a bit of a generalisation as they are different tools, while the technical basis for them are the same, they each are unique with different features. It is best to have an open mind with GA4 migration.

Starting the process

This is what your experts should start to undertake.

  1. Undertake an audit of all UA property as it is important to understand how it is configured.
  2. Plan how the GA4 account will be structured as depending on the business it might change the streams and properties they set up.
  3. Take a closer look at user permissions, identify who needs access and what roles they play and what permissions they require.
  4. While doing an audit look at the UA settings so they can configure everything correctly when migrating, things like currencies, time zone and then more complex settings too.
  5. When they have prepared for the account setup plan out what event needs to migrate.
  6. Check what differences there are when it comes to metrics and setting up custom dimensions.
  7. List the UA goals and decide whether they are being recreated in GA4 or whether they are being changed. An advantage GA4 has is the increase conversion number.
  8. Identifying what eCommerce events are being tracked in UA. Decide whether they are using those current actions with GA4 though it is a fact they may not have as precise data.
  9. Look at integrations being used in UA and link GA4 properties.
  10. Make sure the whole team is alltimesmagazine trained on and ready for GA4 so they can react quickly and appropriately to the change.

If you have questions about moving from UA to GA4 talk to your digital transformation agency Dubai. If you do not have one, it might be a good idea to find one now as they are going to be the best at adapting to this change.

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