Future Of Online Education: E-Learning By 2025

There is no iota of doubt in the fact that everyone out here is absolutely loving this concept of online education. After all, it has come with its fantastic technological tools and facilities that have enhanced the teaching and learning process via the classroom apps backed by the LMS. The pandemic, along with the inception of the New Education Policy in 2020, has already prepared the education sector to follow various regulatory policies. And, as we all can see now, switching to digitalised education has opened up several gateways to benefits for the students.

You will be amazed to know that the scope of online classrooms and LMS portals are going to multiply by 10-fold in the next 5 years, that is, by 2025. What is even more fantastic is that online classrooms and LMS portals are soon to reach a $5 billion market by the fiscal year of 2025. Isn’t it a great fact? Read on to know about the future of online education as we continue to share some interesting facts about the growth of this domain by the next 5 years.

Growth Of Online Education By 2025

In the middle of the introduction of all these favourable government policies and various circumstances, the online education sector is expected to witness rapid growth by about 50% in these five years. The ed-tech industry of the world is predicted to witness an exploding growth in the coming years. As per experts’ estimations, the global ed-tech industry will probably touch the benchmark of $370 billion by the year 2026 and thus will escalate from the $226 billion that it had reached in the year 2020. So, the CAGR is estimated to be about 8.56% from 2021 to 2026.

It’s not that e-learning is completely a new concept. It was always there and will always stay in the coming days. With the beginning of the pandemic, online learning became a mandatory thing for the students to take part in, and thus about 1.2 billion students from only India switched to this mode for receiving education. Do you know that, as per research studies, average pupils can retain about 25 to 60% more from online study material? Moreover, about 40 to 60% less time is required to learn online. See for yourself how fast the learning process becomes for the students in the online mode!

Reasons Behind The Exponential Growth Of E-Learning In India

By now, you have probably got a clear idea of online learning witnessing enormous growth in India. But, what are the factors that have driven the ed-tech industry to reach such great milestones? Let’s now see what these are!

  • The boom in the growing usage of internet connectivity among Indian citizens.
  • Enhanced growth in the usage of smartphones among people living in the 2 to 3 tier cities of India.
  • Government aid in terms of the advent of effective government policies such as Digital India, Swayam, and several other student-friendly policies to help the students access digitalised education.
  • The opportunity to leverage a wide variety of online class benefits such as flexibility, budget-friendliness, 1:1 teacher-student interaction, etc.
  • Greater purchase rate of high-speed internet packages due to the low price of 4G data packs.

What Is The Key Indicator Of Ed-Tech Industry Growth In India?

The key indicator that determines the growth of the ed-tech industry in India is its customer or user base. For any kind of ed-tech industry, students, teachers, entrepreneurs, and professionals from the user base. An interesting fact is that the ed-tech industry is expected to have a user base of 133 million persons by 2025 from 90 million persons in 2020. Another great aspect is that e-learning is going to witness a surge in the number of paid users from 1.2 per cent to 8.1 per cent by 2025. Such a spectacular growth it is!

Final Words

Online learning is just going to accelerate further by 2025! The ed-tech industry is just going to expand in the coming days. No doubt, the users wish to leverage the benefits of online education all the more. Thus, the reason for its growth! E-learning companies and the ed-tech industries have a great way to travel in the coming years. In 5 years, these industries will witness a boom in unimaginable ways. Such is its enhanced customer base!

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