While behind the wheel, you may find yourself struggling with the steering wheel as your car appears to drift off towards the left or right. Does this scenario resonate with you? If the answer to that is yes, then it’s high time to get an alignment service. When you go for an alignment service, you will be ascertaining a safer and seamless ride – whilst prolonging your tires’ lifespan. Other advantages of wheel alignment include guaranteeing fuel savings and optimal drivability.

Most cars have four wheels, so all four-wheel must be attuned for alignment, right? Well… not really. You may find that your vehicle needs a front-end alignment alone. So, what’s the difference between a 4-wheel alignment and a front-end alignment? You may be shocked to find out that there isn’t much of a distinction at all! Let’s learn more about it.

The Difference

Front-end alignment

Also referred to as a 2-wheel alignment, the front-end will see a mechanic carry out alignment on the front wheels alone. It typically includes a caster, camber, and toe adjustment. Some cars have a solid rear axle that never needs any adjustment.

When it comes to a front-end placement, the repairman may also need to do what is referred to as a ‘thrust angle correcting’. It’s basically a procedure that allows the technician to establish that every one of the four wheels is ‘square’ with one another. 

4-wheel alignment

As you may have already guessed, a 4-wheel alignment often entails adjusting all four wheels. Generally, if your car is an all-wheel-drive model consisting of independent suspensions, it will require a 4-wheel alignment. The service comprises a caster and front toe calibration. On the other hand, the rear wheels will get a camber and toe alignment.

The Importance of Knowing When You May Be In Need Of a Wheel Alignment

The driver doesn’t necessarily need to know the exact difference! In the event you observe any indications of wheel misalignment (for instance, the car pulling to one side). Your vehicle may require some assistance. The technician will decide whether a 4-wheel or front-end alignment is suitable.

Art’s Autobody & Paint Shop Does 4-wheel and Front-end alignment.

If you feel that the steering of your car is a bit off, you should think about bringing it down to Art’s Autobody & Paint Shop. Our mechanics have been creating top notch auto body tests for alignment. Art’s Autobody & Paint Shop performs both 4-wheel and front-end alignment work for all types of vehicle models. Call 909-764-8624  to book an appointment.

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