Frequently Asked Questions In A Truck Accident 

If a truck driver injured you, you must be wondering, “Where can I find a good truck accident lawyer near me?” You are probably considering filing a compensation claim if you were injured by one. However, each truck accident case is different, and the laws that apply to these cases are complicated. 

Even the smallest misconceptions can impact your case significantly. It is essential to educate yourself on truck accident laws before legal action. 

Here we have brought the most frequently asked truck accident-related questions and brought their answers to you. 

Frequently asked questions in a truck accident 

  • Would I be able to afford to hire a truck accident attorney?

Many people worry about attorneys being expensive and avoid hiring one. However, most skilled attorneys charge fees on a contingency basis. This means that you only need to pay them if you win the case and recover compensation. If you do not win, they will not charge you for the services they rendered. 

  • Why do truck accidents even occur?

  • Mechanical failure
  • Cargo loading issues
  • Failure to reduce speed in bad weather
  • Truck driver negligence 

Depending on the cause, your attorney can establish liability. 

  • Are any other fees involved other than an attorney’s?

Other than a contingency fee, some other costs may include court fees, investigation fees, paying witnesses, etc. The types of fees may differ depending on the nature of your case. 

  • How long will my truck accident case take to settle?

Every truck accident case is different, and it is difficult to tell the exact amount of time a case will take to settle. However, when we look at statistics, truck accidents usually take a few months to three years to settle. 

  • Which parties can be held responsible for a truck accident?

A truck accident can happen for various reasons other than the driver’s fault. Other than the driver, the following also may be liable. 

  • Driver’sDriver’s employer
  • Trucking company
  • Shipper
  • Truck or part manufacturer
  • Do truck accident claims have a deadline?

Yes. Like all other personal injury cases, truck accidents also have a time limit. The statute of limitations for truck accidents may vary from state to state. However, most states have a deadline of 2 years from the date of the accident. 

  • My family member has died in a truck accident. Can I sue for wrongful death?

If your family member has died in a truck accident due to the driver’s negligence, then you have the right to file a wrongful death lawsuit and seek compensation for various damages. However, remember that only immediate family members, such as the deceased’s spouse, parent, or children, can file the lawsuit. 

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No one should suffer painful consequences because of the fault of a negligent person. Contact an attorney today if you have suffered physical, financial, or emotional losses from a truck accident. 

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