Forex Trading vs. Crypto Trading. Why is Forex Best?

People who want to invest their money and profit first come across two main markets: crypto and FX. Are you also one of those individuals who want to invest their money but don’t know which one is better? 

If so, you should know that FX trading is way better today than crypto trading. But why and how? Let’s get the answer to this question:

Reasons Why Forex Trading Is Better than Crypto Trading

There are many differences and similarities between forex and crypto markets. After studying all of them, we have got some solid reasons that will prove that you should go for forex trading:

FX is Safer

We all know that crypto and forex both are currencies, but crypto is digital, and forex is the currency that is approved and issued by the government. So, what do you think which one would be safer? Yes, you are right if you chose FX. There is always a financial authority in every country that provides licenses and regulations to brokers who provide services to FX traders. 

In South Africa, FSCA is that financial conduct authority. But in crypto, there is no such authority that the government of every company creates. Moreover, crypto is a digital currency, and we all know that there are millions of hackers out there who can hack them. But forex is almost impossible to hack. 

Cost of Trading

FX is cheaper than bitcoin. We all know that you have to spend millions of dollars buying, selling, and trading bitcoin. But the case of forex is not like that. You can even start trading with $1, which is way less than what you could expect from a marketplace. 

Better for Beginners

If you are a learner in the world of business or investment, you should never go for bitcoin. Because you can lose a huge amount of money. To trade in both crypto and FX, you have to make strategies and create your peculiar style. But still, FX trading is way easier than crypto trading. Moreover, in FX trading, you can also enjoy copy trading with many brokers worldwide. In copy trading, you can easily copy the trading of any successful FX trader in the world and earn and lose the same amount of money he does. Got it?


Many brokers worldwide provide FX traders with bonuses from first deposit bonuses to welcome deposits bonuses. One of the finest brokers when it comes to bonuses is Hotforex. But before making any decision, you should learn more about the . In the case of crypto trading, you don’t get an option to earn some bonuses or promotions.   


So now, you know that FX trading is better than crypto trading if you believe in safer trading, bonuses, cheaper trading, and, more importantly, if you are a beginner. After all, it’s all about your mentality, trading style, and strategies. Both industries are risky, so you have to be mentally ready to lose your money. 

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