Five Best Online Astrology Consultation Platforms in 2021

Astrology is an addiction, you might not believe in it, but you are always keen to know about your personality when it comes to your horoscope. You did not tell me, but I know how keen you get to know more about yourself. Once you fall into the world of astrology, there is no going back. You might see everything from an astrological perspective. Perhaps this practice of Vedic culture was meant to create a buzz in people.

When it comes to consulting an astrologer, you will certainly hesitate, but you might take it when the consultation is provided digitally. Some of the astrology geniuses used this tactic of remote astrology consultation. Indeed, getting famed for their services. We often believe that the internet will give you error-free and most authentic content. Probably we are right too.

Some revolutionary steps were taken by few people in the world of astrology. They made a colossal network of astrologers with great qualifications in the same field. They provided people with an interface that can give them an appropriate and personalized solution to their queries. Some of that software that created a buzz in people for astrology are:


We-Astro is an emerging Platform in astrology. However, it has already created a buzz in the audience. The website gives plenty of options within the spheres of astrology. The online astrology consultation is the foreground of the website, followed by a personalized birth chart, Kundli matching, weekly and monthly horoscopes and many more.

You can observe the high engagement on its social media as well. The makers of this website have made sure the easy accessibility, free or low-cost services. The low-cost services do not indicate any scam, and you will be put through the most qualified and experienced astrologers in the field.

Astrologers have to take a subscription to gain market through We-Astro. However, the registration process is most accessible and convenient for all qualified astrologers. The website is user-friendly and responsive.


Astrotalk is a well-known astrology platform. You might find a solution to your every problem at Astrotalk. This online astrology consultation platform is the most easily accessible, available in the form of a website and app. The user-friendly interface lets people connect with their astrologers.

The qualified astrologers can take a monthly subscription, and after verification, they can connect to the users. Inbuilt security features maintain the integrity of the website and app.


The rising gem of online astrology consolation platform is the most-used platform. The website of Astrosage can give you a glimpse of the array of features it has. From horoscopes to matchmaking and numerology to children’s names, everything is available on one platform.

Their app is free to install. The online astrologer consultation fee is minimal, and thus, people prefer getting a personalized birth chart and astrological interpretation of it the most.


As the name of this software is enough to explain its work. Kundali is another interface to get personalized details of the user through designing the chart and its interpretation. People believe in digital services more than physical ones. This is the reason why this promising platform is one of the most used application.

They do not charge for installing the app, and even the charges of online astrologer consultation are minimal.

This platform is eccentric to online astrology consolation. All you will find is a list of great qualified and experienced astrologers who are waiting for you to get in touch. Users can take online consultation with their astrologers and pay through integrate secure payment gateway. You will get follow-ups if required. The privacy between your astrologer and you will be maintained through an end-to-end process.

The bottom line

Among all the mentioned above platforms, We-Astro is the most user-friendly and beneficial astrologer interface. Their authentic mean to gain market is what makes them the most desirable software on the internet.

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