Five amazing hacks for a mouse-proof house!

Wherever you live- in a countryside area or big city it doesn’t matter. Mice will be a common and familiar animal for you. Maybe already you’ve suffered theses little critters and now searching on Google about “pest control near me prices!” It’s normal when you don’t find any way to get rid of them. But don’t be worried. I’ve come with the top five amazing hacks that you should apply to your home. They will help you to reduce the infestation of mice. Read the writing top to bottom and hit your plans!

  1. Fill up holes

If you want to keep mice away from your house, you should use steel wool. Mice can’t chew paper, drywall through this thing. If they do, they will be dead before they make it. You should set steal wool from those wholes mice come out or go outside. So you should check all those hole and pipes and close them. After setting them well, you can wait when do mice come out?

  1. Use bright lights

Do you want to keep mice from taking up their nests at your residence? Always try to turn on some lights that give much brightness. There is a fact to notice. Mice are naturally nocturnal animals. So they don’t love to come out to steal food under the light. When you always turn up lights, they will rarely come outside. Some exterminators will also suggest you do so for better result.

  1. Try some antifreeze

A little bit antifreeze in a dish will be a significant key to keeping mice from coming return in your house. Do you know about antifreeze? Mainly antifreeze has a delightful taste that attracts mice to come to near it. But it is ultimately a poison for mice. When they ingest antifreeze, they will die. But you have to be careful while you’re applying this method. Keep your children and pet dogs-cats away from it. It is poisonous for human and animals too.

  1. Put bricks in front of holes!

As I’ve mentioned about filling holes with steel wool, then why do you need this? Well, if you have checked and concerned about your home, you already know can guess. Your house has some unfillable holes and pipes. It would help if you kept them open for various reasons. But mice will not understand your pain. So you have to do something. The easiest way is to keep bricks on those hole-mouths and open when you need.

  1. Deter mice with ammonia

Ammonia is the main ingredient that we use to clean and make shine glasses. The same cleaner will also help you to clean mice from your house. But the question is where you will apply ammonia? It’s incredibly challenging to spray ammonia in a full house. Ammonia is also being harmful to your food and family members. So it will be great if you place some ammonia in front of mice nests and their entry points.


Your house has a lot of mice, and it doesn’t mean that you have to suffer it rest of the life. You have so many ways to save your food and home at the same time. In this article, I’ve tried to give some easy and quickly done hacks to make your house mice proof. As they will face first the steam wool, they have to go back. Bright lights are perfect for deterring an infestation. I hope, now you are not depressed about mice problem anymore. It’s time to apply some tricks and turn out the option of entering the home for the mice.

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