FIFA 22 Confirmed News – Top 5 Amazing Creating A Club Features Are Coming To FIFA 22

The new FIFA 22 trailer dropped about a few days ago, we were teased a little bit of information for FIFA 22 including on career mode. they’re promising a few things including some big new features for player career mode, but the big news is that they are putting the create a club mode into FIFA 22. About 18 months ago, halfway through FIFA 20, we began the first masters FC career mode. the first create a club career mode episode, that career mode when we started it halfway through the FIFA 20 cycle, it still popped off in a way which we’ve rarely seen before. it’s pretty hard to argue that the masters FC career mode had a massive amount of influence in EA’s decision to include a creator club career mode, you can look at other games as like recently formula one added a creative club career mode, people love that. EA could be copying that. but the big questions are what is going to be in this create a club career mode?

#1 Sponsors

If we can select sponsors in the game that would be amazing. imagine you sign every single season or you sign a contract for a certain amount of time, you get to pick your sponsor for every season, that would get whacked right on the front of your shirt, you could pick a slave sponsor, they’d go there. in general, a whole bunch of sponsors that as you pick them, they’ll show up around your stadium, around your club, on your apparel, on your shirts, and all that, that would be awesome.

#2 Upgrade Your Facilities

The second big feature is the ability to upgrade your facilities. as it says that apparently, we’re going to be starting in the create a club mode. it’s very similar to how we had it with the masters FC career mode, starting in league one working our way up to premier league champions league. if you start with smaller facilities, you get FIFA 22 Coins and revenue in and not just a transfer budget, but an entire budget for your whole club to spend in other areas aside from transfers. that would be amazing, being able to allocate what of that FUT 22 PC Coins goes where.

#3 Stadium Customization

The next feature is to be able to upgrade your stadiums. they had this in FIFA 21, but it’s not for career mode. in the ultimate team, you have a starter stadium, then over time you can upgrade it to a slightly bigger stadium or you can upgrade it to a gigantic stadium that is about 150 000 capacity. the amount of customization that you can do for that stadium as well is seriously impressive. it has been confirmed that you will be able to customize possibly even upgrade your stadium as you go along in FIFA 22 also.

#4 Kit Customization 

At the beginning of every single season, we’ve wanted to have the ability to customize MyTeam’s kit. in pro clubs, they already have kit customization with a whole bunch of designs. they’re all broken down to what brand they are, you could get a Nike sponsorship, you would have a whole bunch of Nike designs to choose from every single season. if you switch over to Adidas then you get to unlock a whole bunch of Adidas-type brands and designs for your shirts as well.

#5 Financial Takeovers 

We did have financial takeovers once back in the master’s FC career mode. but at one point in that first series that we did in FIFA 20, we did a takeover where red bull came along we turned masters FC into RB masters for a couple of seasons. having something like once you reach the premier league you get the option of maybe accepting a takeover with that one big-budget that one big pool of FIFA 22 PS4 Coins that you can spend in a whole bunch of areas outside of transfers. let’s say someone comes along to take over your club, you’ll get a sudden injection of like half a billion to a billion dollars that you can spend wherever you want – running costs, upgrade your stadium, buy new players, do all of that. if you hit certain goals or achieve certain things, then you unlock those possibilities, those possible takeover options.

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