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PDF tools online can help you make many different changes to your PDF documents and they are often free to use. The wealth of PDF tools means that anyone can easily upload a document and get started in making changes from reducing its file size, to deleting unnecessary pages or changing the order of the pages. But some tools are better to use than others for many reasons. Tools that do not keep important documents stored on their servers or that offer cross-compatibility with other devices and operating systems are just some of the reasons to choose some applications over others.


There is a lot of competition to be the best online PDF editors so these tools should not only be effective and practical but have other important factors like being user-friendly. Many of these tools have been designed to be just that, meaning they have familiar user interfaces that users can recognize from other word processing or document creation software.

Many online tools even allow for drag and drop functionality so that users can simply take their file and drop it into the browser to do everything from compressing files to convert PDF files. These usability features are important for many reasons including the fact that not everyone is adept at working with PDF files and may need something straightforward and intuitive.

Create and Edit PDFs

Creating and editing PDFs are two different things and one is easier than the other, for this reason, some PDF tools online allow you to edit PDFs, but not create them. There are a few programs that allow users to create a PDF file from scratch, or, conversely, allow them to edit a downloadable PDF template to use for several different reasons.

Creating a PDF from scratch can be challenging, especially if it needs to have several features like fillable text fields with multiple choice answers or needs to be secured for privacy and security reasons. There are other things to consider, like whether the new document will include design elements like images, graphs, tables, and other important data.

Scanning and OCR

Scanning a document is one way to create a PDF as any scanned document can be converted into several file types from a PDF to a JPEG. Many smartphone-enabled PDF tools let users scan a document or take a photo of a document that can then turn it into a PDF file, which can then be used for other purposes.

When turning a document into a PDF via scanning, some online PDF tools, like Lumin PDF, can then use OCR (optical character recognition) technology to make the document searchable. Since the scan already exists, the program can make it easier to review and search for keywords, which is especially helpful if the document is several pages long and is text-heavy.

Document Collaboration

Many different fields and industries find using and creating a PDF the best way to create a collaborative document, especially if there are many different collaborators involved. The best way to take advantage of the collaborative potential of a PDF document is by using a PDF editing program that has compatibility with a cloud-based storage platform like Dropbox, Google Drive, or OneDrive.

When the edit PDF online tool is synced with one of these platforms, this allows everyone to view it and edit it with multiple users, often in real time. Many users can open the same file, review it, leave comments or annotations, and have a meeting online to discuss certain points and add other elements to the text.


Since PDF files often contain a lot of sensitive, private information keeping all that information secure is a paramount concern for many. This is why many of the best online PDF tools come with security features that let you attach passwords to particular texts or lets you stamp some pages with a watermark to prevent any unauthorized copying or duplication.


While it is true that many PDF tools online let you use some of their tools for free, there are always restrictions and the only way to have unlimited access to these tools is by signing up for a paid subscription. The prices for these paid subscriptions depend on the tool or particular program.

Many sites let users choose their preferred option and they also feature many different choices for businesses and other large enterprises. These options vary in their prices and you should check out what each plan offers to make the right choice based on your needs and preferences.

Support and Customer Service

Along with unlimited access to their wide array of features, many online PDF editing programs offer their subscribers 24/7 access to their customer service and support teams. While they strive to make their tools as easy to use and accessible as possible, there may be some users who still need some guidance on the best way to take advantage of all a program or company has to offer.

This is why many online programs offer their clients and customers the ability to reach out to support staff to help with everything from document access and storage to how-to questions and to address any possible service interruptions to their programs.

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