Ethersmart: One of the Largest Financial Investment Projects Currently

Smart, presently one of the most important financial initiatives, has just taken a significant step to shock world financial investment. Ethersmart has officially entered Defi’s largest playground – decentralized finance – with concurrently lists on Coinmarketcap, either scanning, metamask, myetherwallet, and trust wallet. More widely recognized and easier for worldwide investors to get ETM tokens. More crucially, when the list was 6 months sooner than scheduled, it was done extremely suddenly. It demonstrates the hard effort of the Ethersmart management team to provide investors the most pre

Ethersmart enters the world of decentralized finance

BTC-e, one of the most representative of international financial platforms, stated it could see an increase in all the major topics of blockchain and cryptocurrencies, with an expansion in the crypto-community and consumer confidence. Ethersmart Project Lead Mr. Bill Ray has stated: “With the support of the market, and improved technology, we are now on a path to achieve the dreams of the future of financial services, being a part of the mainstream blockchain economy.” The Ethersmart team aims to provide an extremely user-friendly, safe, and affordable marketplace for buying and selling the world’s first contract for difference (CFD) trading products. This involves the option to trade between two different Ethereum-based tokens, depending on the movement of the related prices.

Why is Ethersmart doing this?

Money can’t be invented. Most businesses are run with little funding, small processes, and closed processes. There is also a severe lack of investment globally. Such a limited investment is leading to a reduced supply of wealth, for the whole world, and also some pretty crazy price movements in some capital markets. Crypto assets offer transparency, security, and the ability to create financial inclusion in all corners of the globe, but they only work if financial institutions are willing to accept, use and integrate the tokens in their business. Crypto has the potential to create a global banking revolution, but financial institutions still have a way to go. Some haven’t even shown their commitment or capabilities to process cryptocurrency payments, creating legal barriers to be broken.

Why are they doing this now?

The Ethersmart project is over 2 years old now and it has recently completed its ICO process. Ethersmart is presently raising its initial fund, the group aims to raise US$10,000,000 through the ICO process. Firstly, there is the issue of obtaining the biggest crowd, which in the financial world is usually reserved for crypto investment. Secondly, with the support of different cryptocurrency projects from around the world, Ethersmart and its team can attract a lot of followers and experts to create financial products that will match the market needs. Thirdly, it is so similar to blockchain technology development that if anyone is interested in cryptocurrencies, there are multiple ways to invest in them. There are many other investment opportunities.

What are the benefits to investors?

Not only gives token owners instant benefit, but also gives them access to several decentralized investment opportunities, including Private Equity, Venture Capital, Equity Crowdfunding, and Pre-ICO (pre-ICO). This list is now available to everyone and anyone, irrespective of their financial background. As the token market is highly fragmented and has no limitations, Ethersmart has positioned itself as the home of legitimate investment opportunities. The chart below shows that its initial partnerships include large businesses such as NIKE, Henkel, and Kaufland. What’s next for Ethersmart?

The importance of Ethersmart

Although the number of Ethersmart-based investment projects has grown, the scale of projects and quality of projects have fallen. Furthermore, many of the established investment projects are not ideal for investment because of a lack of proper information. If you look at the description of Ethersmart on you will see that all the fundamental characteristics, including a position on market capitalization, amount raised, several outstanding ethers to trade, have a very healthy amount of information and indicators for quick access. Why use Ethersmart? -Ethersmart makes it easy to invest in your future – provides a solid strategy for investments and you can play smart when investing.


Finance is undergoing many changes, and ETH smart contracts will make it a reality. The little underperformers, ether, and bitcoin, have been invaluable in creating ETH networks, now in demand by many. There is clearly a huge bubble around today, but without that, we can never see the results of blockchain’s power. Everything is moving forward in the right direction, with or without bitcoin – at the right place, in the right direction.

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