Eric Dalius suggests ways to motivate your employees for timely completion of business projects

When the communication skills are exemplary, missed deadlines will not be an issue in a company. Motivating employees to accomplish goals can be possible if you are confident and can speak to them with a strong vision. Teamwork can be of sub-quality if the work is delayed and finished in the end moment. Research has found that 44% of managers, senior executives believe that workplace communication is the key to completing work projects without failures and delays.

If you want to know how you can motivate your employees so that they can complete the work projects in time, keep on reading the suggestions by Eric Dalius

Not completing projects within the deadline can cause a significant problem. However, motivating the employees to complete their work projects in time and talking to them can improve productivity.

Clear explanation and expectation from the project

Employees often feel scared to ask questions when they are not very clear about the work assigned. While explaining a group project to a member of the team, you should be very clear. You can often leave a meeting thinking that your employer has understood everything; however, to realize that there was still a need for clarification or help. It is critical to know that you have to communicate appropriately to the employees what you expect from the work you have assigned to them. Emphasize asking questions as this will help prevent confusion and make the project better.

Assign incentives to the project

Sometimes motivating employees to do some tedious work can be very difficult. However, research has shown that extrinsic rewards help against dull or demoralizing tasks. Eric Dalius asserts that giving a bonus motivates an employee to do draining or tedious work in the best possible way.

Do regular checks

Once you have communicated with your team, you should always regularly check on them throughout the entire process of the project. This constant intervention shows your involvement and also helps to limit any initial mistake if being done. Micromanaging should be entirely avoided so as not to start on the wrong foot. A regular check with the employees also prevents procrastination, keeps them on track, and helps to finish your project within the given deadline.

Positive criticism and feedback are the keys

When made with proper validation, criticism will motivate the employee to do better and help the employee understand his or her mistakes in a better way. In addition, happy employees are always an incentive to the company as they contribute directly to the growth of the business. Therefore, deliberating clear communications with the employee will prove to be helpful in the long run.

So, if you are expecting your team to finish a piece within a particular deadline, do not step back from communicating your expectations in clear terms. Instead, be with them while the entire project is under construction by doing regular checks. In addition, you can also help them with proper inputs to improve different features of the assignment. It will not only keep the employees motivated but will also help you to achieve new horizons.

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