Effectively Tracking PTO With A Time Clock App

Many office managers have begun to understand the benefits of introducing a time clock app to their businesses. Though it is a relatively new trend, the advantages a timekeeper app brings cannot be overlooked. There are many things that an office manager needs to track, including employee work hours, productivity, and time off, and this can be one of the best tools to utilize to do precisely that.

Any office manager can effectively track paid time off or PTO with this type of system. The great news is that because this software has become more competitive in recent years, there are many options to choose from. There are vendors that allow you to track all employee’s PTO without any confusion.

Before the advent of the time clock app, many people were tracking time by hand. This can lead to many mistakes, especially when processing payroll. These mistakes can make your employees feel as if their time spent working isn’t being taken seriously or they’re not an essential part of a business’s success. An employee scheduling tool and time clock app allows you to overcome these common problems and keep organized in unique ways. 

What is PTO, and Why Do You Need to Worry About it?

Paid time off is a huge employee benefit, and if you offer that as a benefit, you have to adhere to the rules. Paid time off can lead to better company morale. It allows your team to feel like there is a healthy work-life balance. They know as they are continually working for you, they are also acquiring days off that allow them to take much-needed vacations. 

There are currently no federal laws that state you need to offer this benefit as an employer. However, it does help your team feel like they are working towards something beyond simply getting paid. If you and your employee sign an agreement, you have to hold up your end of the bargain. Once it is in a contract that has been agreed, there could be legal trouble if you don’t follow the agreement rules. 

Time Tracking and Covid

Right now, COVID-19 has rummaged through our world and has shaken many businesses. It can be hard to see who needs time off for which reasons, who is using paid time off, and who isn’t. The best thing about an employee time clock app is that employees can submit requests and give reasons right on the app. 

On top of that, you can easily deny or approve the requests instantly if it works with the schedule. It allows you to understand who is out for being sick and who is out on personal days. This software can truly help you run your business efficiently. It also makes reporting easy at the end of each fiscal year. 

Other Benefits of a Time Clock App

Employee timesheet software has many key features that help take the pressure off of you as an office manager owner. It can allow you to create a schedule weeks in advance and send them out to everyone via email or push notification instantly. This leaves no confusion about upcoming shifts. 

Every shift that is punched into immediately gets added to an employee’s time card, reports, and everything else. You don’t have to worry about the small details because that is what this software is all about. 

Using online time clock software can change the way you run a business. You can keep an eye on your team and understand why they are taking time off and keep notes of all reasons for reporting purposes. Covid has made our lives hard, but we can overcome it in surprising ways. This system has proven to be useful for tracking and reporting PTO. In a year full of stress, why not take one less thing off of your plate with a  time clock app?

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