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PDF files can get nasty when it comes to opening them or uploading them on the web. The main reason behind this problem is the size of PDF files. Large PDF files cannot be uploaded, neither can they be opened with a standard PDF reader tool. In this post, we will tell you about some tools and techniques you can use to reduce the size of PDF files to make them friendly for uploading on the web. 

Before we tell you about the large document size problem, we would like you to understand that a regular PDF file’s ideal size should be not more than 5Mbs. The majority of the websites and the web platforms that allow you to upload PDF would have a size limit of 5Mbs. If your file exceeds even a few KBs, then it won’t get uploaded. Usually, when you are downloading or getting a PDF file from an online source like Google drive, it will increase the size of the files!

The most popular solution to this problem is to reduce the PDF files to a lower size. You might be thinking that it is impossible to reduce a PDF file, but well don’t worry. Today, you can find the best PDF compressor that can help you reduce PDF size. 

PDF Compressors to upload files on internet!

You can spill PDF files into smaller versions, but this would disturb the content structure, so the more convenient way is to compress the files to a lower format. We would like you to know that hundreds, if not more PDF compressor tools on the internet, but not all are reliable and easy to use. Read more about Tamilmv

The below-listed tools can help you a lot with accurate reductions!

  • Compress PDF with Duplichecker

This is a renowned website that can provide you tons of helpful tools. The PDF compressor tool is one of the commonly used tools offered by this website. This compress PDF tool by Duplichecker can easily cater to the reduction & shrinking of PDF files that are up to ten Mb in size. This compressor’s working is quite simple, and you don’t need to be an expert in PDF shrinking to utilize this tool. You have to use the uploading options to grab the files from your local storage, Google Drive and Dropbox. After inserting the large files, all you need is to hit the compress button. The tool would reduce your PDF file by more than 65%, and this would help you a lot in uploading the files on the web!

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  • Compress PDF with SmallSEOTools 

SmallSEOTools as the name tells us is another platform that can provide you tons of helpful tools for seo. The online PDF compressor tool by smallseotools can help you reduce the size of large PDF files in less than seconds. SmallSEOTools is a free platform; you don’t have to register yourself or sign up with the website to utilize any of its tools. You need to open the tool on your browser and input the large files in the tool’s interface. The tool would reduce the file’s size by more than 50% by still keeping the original quality and structure of the file intact. You can compress as many files as you want to with this online utility!

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  • Compress PDF with Small PDF

This website is considered to be a winner in this league. The main reason behind this is that it can reduce PDF files to more than 300Mbs in size. There are only a few web tools that can cater to the compression of extra-large PDF files. The compression process is quite easy, and you don’t need to stress learning it’s working. Furthermore, you should also know that the PDF compressor by small PDF can be used on all sorts of devices, including smartphones and desktops. The PDF files’ quality is maintained at 144dpi, which is perfect for uploading on the web. This is also known as the securest compression tool on the web!

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  • Compress PDF with PDF candy 

This is another source that can help you compress PDF files. PDF candy has tons of PDF-relevant tools using which you can make a manipulation. The PDF compressor tool is easy to use. You have to drag and drop the large PDF files in the tool’s main interface, and from there, you can set the compression level offered by the tool. You can easily use the loss-less compression to maintain the file’s quality in the process of reduction.  You can use the PDF candy for free, but you have to sign up and log in with your account. You can use this tool on any device you want because it has universal compatibility!

The above-listed tools can be very helpful in the reduction of PDF files, and so you can upload the files quite easily after compression!

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