Does Going on Vacation Affect Your Workers’ Comp Case in Virginia?

While you may be able to go on vacation while your workers’ comp case is yet to be resolved or while you get benefits, it may complicate your case. Traveling may be advisable or not depending on your individual circumstances and the trip itself. 

After sustaining an injury due to a workplace accident, you may not be able to return to work for months. This may seem like a perfect time to travel with your loved ones. But before you book your flight and accommodation, ensure you think about how this could impact your workers’ compensation case. The best Virginia workers’ comp lawyers can walk you through the possible implications of a trip on your case and give you helpful advice. 

How Going on Vacation May Affect Your Workers’ Compensation Case

When you go on vacation, workers’ comp insurance can have a reason to discredit your injury. The company may assert that your travel plans prove that you are capable of working. 

In addition, while you are on vacation, you may miss medical appointments and decide to reschedule them. Unfortunately, this can jeopardize your case. Short trips that let you attend your appointments may not interfere with your workers’ comp case. 

Before you go on vacation, you need to consider the advice of your doctor. If they caution you against different behaviors, it is best not to make plans that do not follow their orders. Often, you may not be allowed to take part in strenuous activities such as hiking and mountain climbing. So, you may want to plan a more relaxing trip. Still, travel arrangements such as being in a plane or car for hours may imply that your injuries may not be as serious as you have claimed. 

Remember that insurance providers may hire bollyfuntvnet investigators to collect evidence of potential fraud. They use any videos or photos of you playing golf or enjoying theme park rides against you. So, if you prefer to go on vacation, ensure you practice caution whenever you post on social media. 

Understanding Your Workers’ Comp Vacation Policy

If you are getting workers’ comp payments, your vacation pay may be deducted from it. With this policy, you won’t be able to get holiday or vacation pay while you receive your workers’ comp checks. Sometimes, you may be able to get both if you have earned accrued benefits or have an unused cash value. 

Union members with a collective bargaining agreement with employers may get vacation pay while getting workers’ comp benefits. If you are not sure amazingsavingsmarkets about your workers’ comp vacation policy, your lawyer can identify related agreements. 

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