Do you have personal injury? Tips to get the most out of your case

Personal injury cases come in all types and degrees. What do they have in common? It is always unpleasant for the victim. Fortunately, as a victim, you can generally recover your damages from the person who caused the accident. To get the most out of your case, take note of these 9 tips.

1. Arrange for evidence

As soon as possible after the accident, you should arrange for evidence. For example, it is advisable to photograph the scene of the accident and any damage to the vehicles involved, note the contact information of witnesses and write a report. This is because this evidence will help you later prove that the party responsible for the accident is liable.

2. Visit a doctor as soon as possible

Immediately after a traffic accident, industrial accident or any other accident, visit your family doctor, the emergency room or a specialist at the hospital. This is because a doctor can determine exactly what your symptoms are and whether your injuries were caused by the accident.

3. Hire a personal injury lawyer right away

The sooner you hire a personal injury lawyer (preferably not just any lawyer), the better. This is because a lawyer will ensure that all steps are taken in a timely and careful manner. Moreover, getting help sooner means a smoother progress of your personal injury case.

Is a lawyer expensive? Not for you. If the liability of the person who caused the accident is established, the insurer will pay your lawyer’s fees. So, as a victim, you don’t have to pay anything for your personal injury lawyer!

4. Do not go with no cure no pay

It sounds attractive: only paying for a lawyer if a certain result is achieved. Yet Slachtofferhulp Nederland advises against this construction. Usually a large percentage of the compensation has to be paid. Without no cure no pay, on the other hand, you receive the entire compensation. You will not have to pay any legal costs, as these are paid by the insurer of the person who caused the accident.

5. Hit-and-run driver or uninsured: still a case

Are you the victim of a traffic accident and did the perpetrator drive on or not insured? That is no reason to abandon a personal injury case! You can appeal to the Motor Traffic Guarantee Fund, which will probably compensate (part of) your damage. However, you must be able to prove that your damage was caused by a motor vehicle and that you tried to find the person who caused the damage.

6. Overview of all expenses

Your lawyer will help you with this, but it is important that you keep a record of all your expenses. And that you have proof of these, such as invoices, pay slips, receipts and benefit documents.

7. Always tell your lawyer everything

If your personal injury lawyer is constantly aware of everything, he can work faster and more effectively. This increases the chances of success and speeds up the progress of your case.

In all these tips and cases you need a personal injury lawyer. For example, a personal injury lawyer in Eindhoven (Dutch: letselschade advocaat Eindhoven) or a personal injury lawyer in The Hague (Dutch: letselschade advocaat Den Haag) after a collision in that place.

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