Different Technology Used in Rideshares

Rideshares are great because they allow you to get from A to B without having to spend a lot of money on gas and parking. But, some rideshare companies offer different technological features than others. This article will discuss the four main technologies that rideshare companies use that may be important for you when deciding which one is right for you!

Location Sharing:

Uber and Lyft offer this feature. It uses your smartphone’s GPS to share your location with the driver so they know exactly where you are, how long it will take them to get there, and can make sure that they don’t pass you by. This is important because when you’re in a new city, it can be hard for drivers to find you if you’re unfamiliar with the roads. You should also use this when calling an Uber or Lyft from inside a building or somewhere that has bad cell reception!

Phone Contacts:

This allows riders and drivers who have each other’s phone numbers (this is determined by each company) to contact one another directly rather than going through the app. This is helpful because sometimes there are problems with the app, or you may not have cell reception and need to call the driver.

Music Streaming:

This is a feature that Uber offers in some cities. It allows riders to choose their favorite music station and listen to it during the ride. This can be helpful if you want to relax or work on your phone while you’re being driven around.

Split Fare:

Lyft and Uber both offer this feature. If you are riding with someone else, you can split the fare evenly between everyone in the car. This is helpful if you don’t have cash on hand or don’t want to deal with calculating how much each person owes when you get to your destination.

GPS Tracking:

Both Lyft and Uber offer this feature. It allows you or anyone else who has access to your account to always know where you are, as long as you have cell reception. This is helpful because it works even if you don’t have an internet connection on your phone! If you are the type of person that gets lost easily, then this could be very useful for you. This is also essential when one is involved in an accident due to the driver’s recklessness. If you feel that the driver is endangering your life by following a certain route or driving recklessly, it is wise to contact a rideshare accident attorney to protect your rights as a passenger. You can also use this if you’re trying to keep up with a carpool buddy, parents keeping track of teenagers, etc. It’s also useful when updating drivers about changes in location or pick-up points!

Driver Ratings:

You may want to check out how other people their rideshare drivers before getting in the car with them! Both Uber and Lyft allow riders to rate their drivers. This can be useful for both you and your driver because it allows people to choose which drivers they prefer. Sometimes things happen in the car that may make you upset or uncomfortable, so if you could give your driver a low rating it would help them improve their performance!


There are many different technologies that rideshare companies use. These six are some of the most important, but there may be others that are important to you depending on your needs. Make sure to research all of the different features that each company offers before deciding which one is right for you!

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