Differences Between Gold HDMI and Regular HDMI Cables

You might have this question in your mind: what is the difference between gold plated and regular HDMI cables? Are the gold-plated ones any better than regular HDMI cables, or are they all in the looks? Judging by the name’s gold plating seems more expensive and high performing, but that might not be the case in reality. Regular HDMI cables can come in the price ranges of as low as a few dollars and as high as hundreds of dollars, whereas gold plating may sound expensive, but they are quite affordable. Although gold-plated cables have proven superior performance and quality, many people still believe they are different from regular HDMI cables. There are many differences between regular and gold plated HDMI cables, like their size as in an HDMI cable 5 meters. We will briefly discuss them in the following sections.

Higher Grade Cables

The Gold-plated HDMI cables are higher graded compared to standard HDMI cables. Due to their high grade, they are larger and better conductors. The shielding is excellent and is more durable compared to regular HDMI cables. You will often find oxidation in regular HDMI cables, but in the case of gold-plated HDMI cables, there is no such thing. 

Consumer Electronics

For the people that own LED/LCDs or 3D TVs, gold-plated HDMI cables are a preferred choice as they provide better quality compared to the regular HDMI cables, and this is all due to their previous experience with analog SCART and element connectors. The main difference between gold-plated and regular cables is the maximum bandwidth of the gold-plated ones. That is why gold-plated cables are considered superior to regular ones. The regular cables can reach a maximum transfer of 10 Gbit/s, and a gold-plated cable can reach 17 Gbit/s.

Latency Issues

One of the biggest performance problems, especially for gamers and professional streamers, is latency. Latency causes delays which is very annoying and can create a lag between your activity on the console and what is displayed on the monitor. It is believed that gold-plated HDMI cables eliminate or reduce this problem to a great extent and result in higher speeds. The better conduction property of gold cables is also one of the reasons for reduced latency and higher transfer speeds. 

There is one drawback that needs to be discussed here. Gold-plated cables come with their connectors, but the copper wires inside these cables are made of the same material. So, from such an aspect, there is not much difference between gold-plated and regular HDMI cables as they transfer data through the same copper wire. Therefore, even though the manufacturers claim that gold-plated cables will reduce latency, it will not have much of an effect on solving this issue.

Therefore, it is totally fine if you don’t want to spend extra money on gold-plated HDMI cable 5 meters. Check whether your hardware can support the games you are playing or not, which could be a reason for latency. If they don’t support the games, you might have to change your CPU, processor, or monitor. 

Less Corrosion

For protection against corrosion, gold is often used in circuit boards of computers, smartphones, and other electronics. This fact proves that gold is resistant to corrosion, and that is why gold-plated HDMI meter cables 4k can last longer than any others where metal corrosion is a problem.

Corrosion is very common in humid areas, so if you live in places with high humidity, you should consider buying gold-plated HDMI cables. 

Commercial Application

The cables are used regularly in commercial settings, and you might have to connect and disconnect them frequently. Therefore, gold-plated HDMI cables are considered the best for such frequent use. Gold-plated cables are thicker in construction, and the gold-plating provides them better protection against various elements. Although gold-plated 5-meter HDMI cable Screwfix is more beneficial and is used just like the professional-grade HDMI cables, the regular cables provide great picture quality. 

But the gold-plated ones can also provide good picture quality and sometimes even better. Likewise, there is a hypothetical improvement in the transparency of the signs being communicated as gold-plated cables are better conveyors of power contrasted with customary HDMI links. Whatever link you pick, you may not see the distinction through your eyes or ears, as the direct contrasts between gold-plated HDMI cable 5 meters Toolstation and standard HDMI cables are, for the most part, specialized. Be that as it may, with everything taken into account regarding toughness and conductivity, gold-plated links win.


Gold-plated HDMI cables do not provide any significant advantages besides a few things. So, if you want to spend the extra money and enjoy owning one, then go for it; other than that, it is better to purchase the regular HDMI cables.

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