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A pleasant and comfortable working environment means that employees not only do more work, but are also more positive. As a result, personnel costs fall due to less absenteeism due to illness. It has also been shown that a pleasant office design stimulates creativity  Del Mar CA office space 

You spend a lot of time in the office. The bonding and cohesion of the staff is therefore very important. A good atmosphere in the workplace improves productivity and cooperation. Large companies respond well to this by providing spaces where staff can relax. Isn’t it wonderful to beat your colleague with a game of table tennis during the lunch break?

Keep your workforce engaged and happy 

Showing your employees that their health matters is a powerful way to keep them engaged and motivated. You also show the world that you do business responsibly and know how to care for your most valuable asset.

Our work culture often rewards people for the number of hours they work. Employees feel they need to show that they work long hours when the workload requires it. However, research shows that the quality of the work of these ever-present employees suffers. 

It seems that our cognitive supply is limited and gradually depleted if we work for too long without a break. Continuing to work non-stop leads to negative stress reactions that cause people to concentrate less and that after a while they build up and cause emotional and mental damage. Breaks are essential to fully utilize creativity and brainpower. Encouraging your employees to take regular breaks can make them more productive.

Regular refueling is necessary for our brains to function optimally. People will only do this if they are encouraged to do so. And the best way to do this is to lead by example. Take a walk during lunch, leave home on time and go on annual leave. 

Fight the flu 

No matter how fit and active your employees are, they can always be hit by a cold. The danger of working in an office is that germs can spread quickly. Provide antibacterial wipes so that people can clean phones and keyboards, and encourage the use of hand sanitizing gel.

Even in the most sterile of workplaces, the virus’s incredibly effective mechanism of transmission – coughing and sneezing – cannot prevent colds. Employers can be their own worst enemy by praising employees who come to work when they feel lousy. These workers spread the contamination wherever they go. It pays to have policies that encourage employees to stay at home if they are contagious. Employees who are infected but still feel good enough to work can give you a laptop and ask them to work from home. 

We believe that a comfortable and safe office improves performance in the workplace. We set up workplaces that stimulate health and productivity and help reduce absenteeism. Are you curious about what Del Mar CA office space to improve your working environment by means of a pleasant office design?

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