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Configuration refers to the way of the process in which multiple components are arranged to make up the entire computer system. It includes every component of the computer, including hardware and software.

PC konfigurator allows you to build your own system, while PC configuration is the process of system assembling according to its functional units. The configuration is concerned with system firmware, documentation, software, and hardware. However, one can always divide it into categories by defining hardware configuration, software configuration, etc. In addition to this,  not only the system architecture but also its configuration affects the performance. It is very important to understand your system configuration, and that’s what a configurator focuses on. 

Let us focus on multiple aspects of the PC configurator and configuration process to let our readers understand every micro detail about it. For ease of reading, let us divide the article into the following sections:

  • Computers classification based on configuration
  • What factors to consider for the configuration of your PC?
  • Factors to consider in best PC configurator
  • FAQ’s related to PC configurator

Computers classification based on configuration

Based on several factors like performance, size, capacity, and configuration, computers are divided into the following types:


Supercomputers are the ones that are not only the most robust but the most expensive also. These computers have the power to immediately process billions of instructions. Usually, these types of systems are used for the solution of complex numeric problems. However, there are industries and places that use these systems for their daily work. These systems have a complex configuration that is specifically designed to solve mighty issues such as big numeric terms. The most common applications of such systems include stock analysis, weather forecasting, and sophisticated artworks.

Mainframe computers

Mainframe computers are the best when your only requirement is to process the data at a very high speed. By high speed, we not only mean a limited amount of instructions at a given duration, but it must process hundreds of million instructions every second. These instructions are definitely huge in amount, and that is the reason that these systems are very expensive to buy. However, usually, banking, railway, and aerospace systems use mainframe computer configuration because these systems require a huge amount of data to process in a limited duration.

Mini computers

As the mainframe and supercomputers are quite expensive, and they are very hard to buy for common people, so the minicomputers were invented. Their major aim was to configure such systems that are affordable for a huge population. However, these computers have a lower speed and storage as compared to the mainframe and supercomputers. Also, to reduce the cost, there are many hardware features in mainframe systems that are not included in the mini computers. However, there are some added software features in the minicomputers that handle functionalities of hardware features in mainframes. Eventually, it reduced the performance of minicomputer systems. It is the reason that people rejected those systems and started moving towards systems that are small and more efficient in terms of their configuration.


Microcomputers, as the name says, are the systems that use a microprocessor in their configuration. These systems are not only way cheaper than minicomputers, but at the same time, these systems are way too efficient in processing. There are multiple types of microcomputer systems that were invented from then till date. These systems include workstations, personal computers, laptops, and pen-based systems. However, the major functionality remains the same in all of those systems, and that functionality includes input, processing, storage, and output. Workstations have high-resolution color graphics, so they are used for the purpose of intensive graphic applications. On the other hand, personal computers are desktop computer systems that are very affordable and easy to use. After that, laptops were invented that are taking the place of personal computers as they are very easy to handle, and unlike personal computers, they can work for hours after charging. Recently, the invention of pen-based systems is taking over the world. These systems incorporate a pen-like stylus that can accept the handwritten input directly on the screen. 


What factors to consider for the configuration of your PC?

PC configurator allows custom PC builder. There are many PC configurators available in the market that let the users customize their PC. However, how can one choose the best among them? Following are the factors to consider for building your PC:


There are many systems available in the market with multiple types of processors. However, for the configuration of your system, you must focus on the processor details. For instance, if you are customizing your system for gaming purposes, then it must have a processor accordingly. However, you must also focus on your budget to work pretty well with the configuration process. For the gaming purpose, your processor must be strong enough to bear heavy loads at times. 


RAM of a system decides the processing speed. If you have a system that has low RAM, there are chances that it might be stopped working or eventually crash if you are trying to run a heavy application on it. Therefore, for the best outcomes of system configuration, the RAM of your system must be according to the requirements of the system. 


System storage is another important factor to consider for the system configuration. There are people who continuously complain about the low working quality of their system without knowing that it has low storage. Therefore, for your system to work efficiently, it is crucial to consider storage. 


Graphics play a vital role if you are configuring your system for gaming or artwork. There are systems that allow add-on graphic cards, which are a cherry on top for systems that desperately need an upgrade. For amazing picture and video quality, you must have an amazing graphics card for your system. 

Factors to consider in best PC configurator

PC configurator allows you to effectively upgrade or customize your system. However, for the best outcomes, it is necessary to focus on the following factors before you actually go for a PC configurator:

Your budget

The first thing that plays a vital role before you actually go for a PC configurator is your budget. There are times when we want a greater outcome, but we have a restricted budget for that, so it is better to always make a plan before you actually take a step towards your destination. For the PC configurator, your budget means a lot. If you want to achieve high-end results, and you have a limited amount to spend, then it is better to alter your plan accordingly. The reason is, sometimes, to get more in return, we invest in cheap items that give us instant results, but after some time, it all collapses. Therefore, the best way is to spend on things that promise high quality. For instance, go for PC configurators that offer long-lasting results in high amount than the ones that have negative after-effects. 

Your requirements

Your requirements for your system are all that you need to consider in the PC configurator. If you want to customize a system that only will be used to do the artwork, then your main focus must be a high-quality graphics card. Therefore, before actually investing in the PC configurator, consider your requirements. 

FAQ’s related to PC configurator

Following are some FAQs related to the PC configurator:

Which PC configurator is best?

There are multiple PC configurators available. However, you must go for the one that satisfies your requirements. There is nothing like the best PC configuration because the one that suits your requirements will be best for your case. However, it doesn’t mean that it is also best for another person that doesn’t have the same requirements. Therefore, always choose the one that suits your budget and requirements.

Youtube Video Guide (PC Konfigurator):

How to check your system configuration?

For keeping your system up-to-date and making it work efficiently, it is important to keep an eye on its various aspects. Following are the steps to check your system configuration:

  • Start by clicking on the start button on your PC and then open the search bar. In the search bar, enter the “system information” and click the search button.
  • After that, click on the “system summary” to check all the details about your system. These details include the operating system that you have installed, the processor of your system, the RAM, and the basic input/output system.
  • After that, click on the “components” to select any hardware device, and get to know all the details related to it like the name, driver location, manufacturer, etc.
  • Make sure you have all the details that you require for system configuration. For the best outcomes, note these details onto a separate file in your system so that you can have them all in one place, and you can get those whenever you require. 

We can conclude the topic by saying that the PC Zusammenstellen process can be worthwhile if you are well aware of your requirements and your budget. 

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