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Content marketing as part of personal promotion in social networks

Let’s first answer the question: What is social media content marketing for?

In order to warm up your audience, hook it, close its pains and even anticipate some requests. And the main thing is to create trust among potential customers. And if there is trust, then there will be sales.

So what is content marketing?

Content marketing is a complex, well-thought-out system of influencing the target audience. The concept itself consists of two words:

Content – includes texts, video, audio, pictures, photos.

Marketing – as defined by Philip Kotler, is a type of human activity aimed at meeting needs and demands through exchange.

That is, content marketing is such a presentation of texts, audio, video, graphic images on different channels, which makes a person want to purchase a product or service.

Promoting your personal brand on social media without understanding the laws of content marketing is difficult at best and impossible at worst. Sometimes, to make purchasing decisions, the user needs from 7 to 30 touches with the product. That is why you need to approach the target audience from different angles (from the website, mailings, social networks, messages in chat bots and other messengers).

When preparing content, we use the “see-think-do-care” scheme proposed by the marketer Avinash Kaushik. This concept is ideal for promoting any personal brand on social media.

  1. The “See” group includes users who are not yet familiar with you and your company. However, they are consumers of similar products (services). This is a wide audience. The goal of content marketing is to raise awareness about the company:
  • introduce the user to the brand;
  • inform;
  • raise awareness;
  • form primary trust;
  • inspire;
  • interest.

At this stage, all sources that would introduce the company are involved. The main thing here is coverage.

  1. Getting into the “Think” group, people are at the stage of making a decision to make a purchase from you. Content Marketing Challenge:
  • give complete information;
  • provide a choice;
  • talk about the advantages over competitors.

It is important to interest:

  • buns – discounts, promotions, benefits, benefits;
  • social proof – reviews, guarantees.
  1. The “Do” stage involves a purchase. The main task of social networks is to induce a person to go to the site. At the same time, the site interface should be convenient, understandable, with a detailed description and cost of goods and services. If you urge to make a purchase right in the post, take care of providing clear and succinct instructions on how to do it.
  2. Stage “Care” – the consumer must return to you, recommend you to friends. Here we use loyalty programs (bonuses for regular customers). We use content marketing to make users brand advocates.

This strategy is supported comprehensively by all Internet marketing tools: social media, SEO, blogging, email marketing, contextual and display advertising, YouTube. Note: Buying Youtube views is effective for extreme growth for the channel.

At each of the stages of content marketing, texts are most often used that should catch your target audience.

When writing a post on social networks, you need to adhere to the rule: one text = one task (to engage, educate, help, entertain, surprise, inform, sell). If you are writing instructional text, do not sell in it. And if you’re selling, do it discreetly.

Publish different content for each stage of the user experience:

  • reputation (reviews, achievements, certificates, diplomas);
  • commercial (presentation of services and seminars);
  • training (articles, myth debunking);
  • interactive (polls, discussions);
  • entertaining (to engage and retain the audience).

Such promotion is possible on:

  1. own sites:
  • blog on the site;
  • pages on social networks;
  • YouTube channel;
  • email newsletter;
  • messengers, chat bots;
  1. partner sites (mutual PR, collaboration);
  2. paid sites: “seeding” in groups and on social media pages:
  • placement on thematic portals and blogs;
  • specialized media;
  • opinion leaders (social networks, YouTube);
  • events (offline and online).

How do I use content marketing to promote personalities on social media?

I have a client psychologist. And selling the services of a psychologist is not easy. This is not an emotional purchase. People mature for a while to take advantage of such services. Psychologist n

He can write a post on social networks in the style of “Come for a consultation – solve your problems.” Users have logical questions: what are the problems, how the consultation will take place, and who is it for me (the client) to spend my time on it?

Getting started, we proceeded from how the user chooses a psychologist:

  • recommendations of close and authoritative people for him;
  • correspondence acquaintance at any event or conference, interest, appointment for a consultation;
  • subscribing to a specialist on Instagram or Facebook, and eventually a personal meeting.

Therefore, we connected content marketing to cover multiple touch channels with a potential customer:

  • social networks – personal page (creation and promotion of a personal brand), profile page;
  • blogging on the site, YouTube channel;
  • participation in specialized conferences;
  • participation in a TV show of one of the news channels as an invited expert.

And when clients come and say that they first saw the video on the YouTube channel, then went to the site and subscribed to the psychologist on social networks, watched live broadcasts, and only after they came to a specialist for a consultation, we understand that content marketing worked for 100 %.

Let me give you another example. For two years we have been promoting the client on Instagram and Facebook. She is a midwife in one of the capital’s maternity hospitals and the curator of the project “Home childbirth under the protection of the maternity hospital”. Our goal was to attract women to this project through charisma and personal brand. Since childbirth is a very intimate moment, deciding where to give birth and with whom is weighed for a long time, all the pros and cons are analyzed. Accordingly, we prepared the content in such a way as to pass all levels – from SEE to CARE. As a result, we received such reviews and good Youtube likes on the page.

I will not be cunning, content marketing is long and expensive. However effective! The more deliberately you get into your content marketing strategy, the better your results will be. But don’t expect a very quick response. One article in specialized media or mailing for 2000 subscribers, or one post on social networks can give you new clients, or it may not. Content marketing is not a one-time action, it has a prolonged result, for a period of 3, 6, sometimes 12 months, and most often more than one year.

Invest time and resources in content: texts, photos and videos. And it will return a hundredfold to you in the form of clients (new ones and those who will be with you for a very long time).

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