Comments and recommendations on the use of cannabis extracts in cancer patients. Guidelines for the use of cannabis extracts in patients end-stage cancer

  • Modern drugs used to treat cancer, including medications used to prevent and treat side effects from cancer treatments high efficiency and from empirical evidence Cannabis extracts used in studies abroad There is no clear evidence enough to support its use in cancer treatment.
  • Initiation of cannabis-derived substances may only begin when: Has been evaluated by a medical professional as unable to provide treatment specific to the disease to help alleviate the symptoms for the patient and use modern medicine to relieve symptoms completely ineffectively
  • For the pain of cancer, Consider it an adjunct treatment to modern painkillers. When receiving a group drug high-dose opioids still can’t control pain. (treatment of cancer pain should refer to the care guidelines of pain Education Association of Thailand).
  • For the use of CBD kaufen extract in the treatment of nausea and vomiting due to antiemetic drugs. The treatment standard is more effective and safer and therefore is not recommended for use in this indication.
  • For the use of Cannabis extracts in the treatment of anorexia Because there are drugs to stimulate appetite. Efficacy and has fewer side effects. Therefore it is not recommended for use in this indication.
  • For the use of cannabis extract in the treatment of insomnia The drugs currently used in the treatment. It is safer and therefore is not recommended for use in this indication.
  • For the use of Cannabis extracts to improve the quality of life. At present, there is no clear conclusion that effective.
  • It is not recommended as a specific treatment for cancers that already have standard treatment guidelines because human studies have not shown apparent efficacy in cancer control. And most of the studies were still done in tubes experimental and animal testing.
  • There is currently no clinical evidence that marijuana use can be used against cancer There is only evidence that limits whether marijuana has an analgesic or anti-nausea effect compared to older non-prescription drugs.

Current standards Considerations

  • Because cannabis extracts lack pharmacological data in terminally ill cancer patients, the drug in practice, there are limitations. The limitations and risks are as follows:
  • Cannabis extract has high side effects. Significantly affects the ability of perception and decision-making.
  • There is a lack of information about the appropriate dose for the indicated treatment. And drug toxicity apart from this, Most oncologists have no experience using it. and are not confident in the safety of the drug in patients with terminal cancer.
  • The Oncology Association of Thailand is concerned about bringing Using CBD kaufen extract for drug abuse because it is difficult to control the use of Cannabis.Get learn more information cinemavilla

Royal College of Pediatricians of Thailand

Hemp extract with high CBD kaufen concentration, or CBD, with a 20 parts CBD compound ratio.

THC compound can be used to treat epilepsy in some pediatric patients, namely Dravet syndrome, Lennox-Gastaut. Syndrome or epilepsy in a pediatric patient unresponsive to standard pediatric antiepileptic therapy. Neurologist Treatment is adjuvant therapy. Unwanted symptoms from that extract Closely and under the supervision of a specialist in neurology as well as its effectiveness and side effects have been reported.

Contraindications and Cautions

  1. Have a history of allergic reactions to Cannabis
  2. Have a psychiatric problem such as psychosis or other psychiatric disorders that Cannabis may affect treatment.
  3. Have liver or kidney problems and need to be more careful if patients are taking other medicines together with Cannabis concerns Cannabis used for medicinal purposes must be medical-grade Cannabis, which must be monitored by the Food and Drug Administration of Thailand or from a reliable organization, including knowing the components of the product and being free from strictly specified contaminants and heavy metals.

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