Class 7 Science: study tips, timetable and everything you should know.

Science is a vast subject at the same time it is very interesting. The syllabus in class 7 science includes chapters from Biology, Physics, and chemistry. The explanation of each chapter is given in a detailed manner with proper concepts and simple language to make the students easily understand and know the significance of the subjects. There are a total of 18 chapters in science. The activities given in the chapters are very interesting.

 Vedantu class 7 science brings the subject to the students in a medium which can be understood very easily. The solutions for each chapter are well prepared practice English by skype experts and school teachers. Students have to read and understand each chapter with full attention to ensure they score well. The chapters here will help the students to gain proper knowledge and fundamental concepts of the subject. It helps the student with an innovative and logical approach to the subject. The solutions are according to the rules and regulations of the CBSE board. This provides a step-by-step explanation for all the concepts and theories, which is very easy to comprehend.

The notes in Vedantu help the students study even the most difficult concepts in a much easier way. The solutions, diagrams, and charts shown are very simple, making it easier for the students. Once the students are well versed with the complete syllabus and notes, they will be able to answer any questions.

The notes can be used for better prospects, which will help to score high in exams. 

NCERT solutions can also be referred to, to understand the concepts and fundamentals thoroughly. All the chapters are given to help the students to have a proper grip and knowledge of the subject. 

Tips to study in class 7 Science

  • You should make sure that you are regular in your classes
  • Be attentive. Do not get distracted.
  • Always make sure to prepare your notes in a way you can understand and helps you to revise.
  • Take a small break in between your studies.
  • Dedicate sufficient every day for your studies
  • When you make a timetable make sure to follow it properly and regularly.

Tips to make the best timetable for class 7 science

The timetable plays a very important role during exam preparation. It makes you disciplined and punctual. It will help you to complete the syllabus accordingly.

Make a timetable in such a way that you have breaks in between to help you relax your mind and body. If you are someone who studies better early in the morning, make sure that’s how you design your timetable. 

It is very important that whenever you are starting the chapter make sure to revise what you have studied previously. This will help you to be in the flow and you will not forget the previous chapter while reading the new ones.

Balance your free time in a proper way. Proper sleep and proper mealtime are very important to keep your body healthy and fresh. Make sure to go to bed on time so that you can wake up early and be fresh for a new start.

Do not keep anything for the last moment. Always have the revision of the contents of what you have done. Sometimes you might have forgotten to study some important questions. The revision will keep you updated.

Make sure every day you study in the same place. Do not keep on changing as this will hamper your concentration and focus on studies.

There are many study techniques that can be put into use for better performance. Making your study in a small session and taking in between small breaks say for 5 mins and again starting will help you to understand and study better.

Make sure to solve the previous year’s question papers so you get an idea of the exam and the marking system. This will help you enhance your speed and performance level. You can improve on the areas which need to be corrected.

Tips for studying just before the exam.

A day before the exam just revise the notes that you would have made till then and study. Do not study anything new as it will create confusion and you might forget what you have studied thoroughly.

On the day of the exam, have a proper breakfast and be before time for your exam. Do not discuss the subject with your friends as that creates lots of confusion.

Before the exam begins make sure to check on all your stationeries.As soon as you get the question paper takes a bit of time and glance at the whole paper. You can start writing the answers, which you are sure of then go for the others. When you do this your confidence level increases and you can do better.

While answering the questions sometimes you might get stuck in between. Even though you have studied you feel that you have forgotten, Do not panic or be frustrated but think and try to remember what you have studied. Still, if you are unable to remember, just don’t waste time on the same, instead, move forward and answer other questions. Once you’re finished with it all come back to the question, which you would have left, Now you will surely remember.

Once you are finished with the paper make sure you have written your name and class properly. Don’t be in a hurry to leave the classroom. Instead, utilize the time and revise your answer sheet one by one. This will help you to correct the mistakes if any or answer any answers you may have skipped.


Start with the proper plan covering all syllabus, which is completed much before the exam, keeping enough time to revise. Don’t keep anything to study or learn for the last moment.

Also, understand the syllabus before you jump in. Finally, if you have any doubts, make sure you get them cleared so that it doesn’t hinder your studies. 

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