Can you File a Claim if someone hits your Parked Car in Glenwood Springs?

Car accidents are pretty common, but what if, despite taking all the measures to avoid accidents, someone hits your parked car. If it happened due to someone else’s negligence, then you have the right to file a claim for the losses incurred due to damage to the vehicle and the pain and sufferings you had to go through. Glenwood Springs auto accident attorney can help you deal with such a situation and help you get a reasonable amount of compensation. In this blog, you will read about what will happen if someone hits your parked car.

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Causes of parked car accidents

  • Intoxication – If the other driver is driving under the influence and fails to measure the distance, such accidents can occur.
  • Distracted driving- If the driver is fiddling with his radio, talking over a call, or texting someone while parking his car, it can lead to such accidents.
  • Narrow parking lot- If the driver tries to park forcefully in a narrow parking lot, such accidents are inevitable.
  • Inefficient driving skills-Newbies find it difficult to park their cars. So inadequate driving skills are yet another cause of such accidents.

Do such low-impact accidents cause injury?

Though you might assume that such low-impact accidents might not cause any injury but to your surprise, such accidents do cause back and neck injuries which aggravate with time if not taken care of. So seek medical assistance and get the treatment as it will help you heal, and the medical documents will be used to file your case.

Can you be held accountable for the accident?

Generally, the parked car owner is not held responsible for such accidents. But do you know there can be situations in which you can be held liable, such as-

  • Illegal parking- Suppose you park your car in a site where you are not allowed to park; accidents taking place in such situations can make you accountable for the accident.
  • Parking in poor visibility- If you park your car in an area of a parking lot that has poor visibility, you can be held responsible for the car because it was not a safe place to park your vehicle.Visit The website bettwoo and myfeedster More Information telegram

Will the insurance company pay you?

If you can establish the other driver’s liability in the accident, your insurance company will have to pay you. 


Accidents are always sudden so being aware of the norms helps you deal with the situation better.

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