Bathroom vanity store “New Bathroom Style” knows  the toilet is the most visited room in the apartment. In arranging it, many owners choose traditional repair schemes – installing wall accessories and tiling. The room often serves as a small pantry for various cleaning products. For this purpose, a sanitary cabinet is often built. The control devices for the apartment’s water supply system are placed. Place the structure directly behind the toilet. The doors for the sanitary cabinet in the toilet are made in various options and design solutions. If you need 24 inch bathroom vanities or 36 inch bathroom vanities, welcome our web bathroom supply store and make your choice.


Additional elements of the sanitary cabinet are a Mud collector and – a coarse filter. This unit allows you to increase the life of the mixers. Since the water contains many impurities, it saves the apartment owners from the frequent replacement of important plumbing parts. Water meters. Allows you to save money. It is often unprofitable to pay according to the “norm” since the normative indicator exceeds the real water consumption 2-3 times. Check valves. Such devices are necessary for the normal operation of the meter. A mixture (water overflow) may occur with a pressure difference, and a mixture (overflow of water) may occur. The valve eliminates the possibility of twisting the indicators of the water meter. Due to this, it is installed per the requirements of managing organizations. Collectors. Allows for even distribution of water. Water pressure reducers. They extinguish excess pressure and can bring it to a normal rate. A water heater is often installed in a plumbing cabinet. Such equipment can be flow-through or accumulative. It includes a frame for a wall-mounted toilet bowl and shelves for cleaning products. If a major overhaul of the bathroom is carried out and water pipes are replaced, the plumbing cabinet will have to be broken. This is due to its location. It will interfere with repair work and restrict access to risers. After repair, it should be restored. There are several options for designing a sanitary cabinet in the toilet: From moisture-resistant drywall. The panels are mounted on galvanized profiles. The advantages of this design include the low cost of construction and ease of installation. From aqua panels. They are fixed on TECE steel profiles. The advantages of this option are the increased moisture resistance of materials and high structural rigidity. From foam concrete blocks. The material is characterized by increased moisture resistance and a good level of sound insulation. Cabinets are equipped with hatches or doors to provide access to communication elements. Access is often made using roller shutters or built-in hatches. Such solutions are practical and durable.


The raw materials used to create sanitary cabinets can be selected according to their characteristics. There are many options, among which roller shutters stand out. They are used when installing a plumbing cabinet under the ceiling. Such doors do not take up much space, and are made of durable metal, protected from corrosion. The service life of the structure depends on the choice of material. It is worth paying attention to the following options: Plastic and metal are the most affordable and low-maintenance materials. They are mounted on a metal frame. The doors are made of plastic. Installing such a cabinet is very simple with your own hands. Similar designs are suitable for modern interiors. Wood – has an attractive appearance and fits perfectly into eco-friendly interiors. Installing them is quite simple, but you will have to build a wooden frame before installation. Glass. Plumbing cabinets made of this material are great for combined unit interiors. Glass is rarely chosen transparent for such purposes. The most common models are matte. Invisible hatch. Quite popular among apartment owners. You can qualitatively mask the valves and water supply elements when installing them. The hatch does not stand out against the background of the wall. It can be built into the wall and made invisible. Hinged doors can be finished with mirrors, chipboard, or MDF. The choice of material is influenced only by the preferences of the apartment owners.


The most common types of sanitary cabinets are rectangular and square. Thanks to this shape, a quick check of valves and taps is ensured. It is worth understanding the basic dimensions of built-in plumbing cabinets. Depth ranges from 125 to 195 mm. The width of the sanitary cabinet usually does not exceed 760 mm. The height is made depending on the preferences and design features of the room – from 490 to 1190. The possible number of valve outlets is from 1 to 18. Plumbing cabinets with many valve outlets are installed in industrial premises. For an apartment, a standard number is suitable – 1-6.


Before implementing your design ideas, you should prepare certain tools. You will need a jigsaw; drill; screwdriver; pencil; building level, self-tapping screws, and roulette for work. Several varieties of sanitary cabinets differ in design and ease of use.


Begin the installation of the sanitary cabinet by checking the condition of the pipes. Old products are best replaced or repaired. The meter is installed before the cabinet is installed. Otherwise, you will have to disassemble the structure later completely. The choice of pipes today is not difficult. It is better to choose polypropylene or polyethylene products. Metal plastic is also an acceptable option. Such materials have many positive features: wear resistance, long service life; rust resistance; ease of installation; lightweight. The disadvantages of such products include a high level of sound transmission. When a plumbing cabinet is built around such pipes, care should be taken to soundproof it. DESIGN OPTIONS Each design option for a sanitary cabinet is worth considering in more detail. The standard solution is to install a hatch made of metal trimmed with plastic. This option is more suitable for budget repairs. With a similar product, you can give the toilet an original look. Despite the modesty of execution, such a cabinet is quite practical. It is effortless to install. With a combined bathroom in the room, a high humidity level will constantly remain.


It is installed for painting or tile. Such designs can be thought out to the smallest detail. They can be closed quite tightly, but access to all counters is quick. After installation, the hatch is disguised. For this, the outlines of the product must coincide with the joints of the tiles. Such hatches can be decorated with artificial stone. You can open the invisibility hatch by pressing it. It is necessary to install the hatch during the installation of a sanitary cabinet. This method of decoration is very popular with apartment owners. Attention! Installing an invisibility hatch is a rather complicated process that requires increased accuracy and attention to detail. Therefore, it is better to contact specialists when choosing such an element.


Roller shutters are a popular option for finishing a sanitary cabinet. It is easy to hide communications under them, and the design itself has a respectable appearance. Roller shutters are pretty easy to use. Depending on the installed mechanism, you can lower or raise the structure. Roller shutters are a great way to save space in an already small room. The cost of materials will be higher than with a hatch device. The choice of shades of roller shutters also differs in variety. You can choose from various design options, but the price of finishing a sanitary cabinet will be higher. Different control mechanisms are used in roller shutters – tape and spring-inertial drive. The installation of roller shutters is carried out in the opening of the cabinet. Advice! It would help if you used roller shutters that have an invisible box. He is disguised and is inside a plumbing closet.


This design option for a sanitary cabinet is a classic. These designs are distinguished by a variety of choice of materials and configurations. Their durability and solid appearance distinguish doors made of natural wood. To finish the cabinet with such material, you will have to spend a round sum. Doors made of MDF or chipboard will cost much less. In addition, they are easier to care for. Other options for sanitary cabinet doors: Plastic doors are the most popular solution. The material washes well and is quick and easy to install. However, it has a cheap appearance. Glass doors. They are attractive and easy to install, but they are characterized by increased fragility. Doors can be built by swing, accordion, or sliding. Usually, they make hinged products, fixing them on hinges. Doors-crate. The design is convenient and simple and also has a low price. The product is suitable for the design of any sanitary cabinet. Before installation, you should take measurements and select the appropriate model. You can adjust the dimensions of the cabinet under the crate. Such models are made of wood and then covered with stains. The disadvantage of such doors for a sanitary cabinet is low sound insulation. Today, the plumbing cabinet is a separate element of the apartment’s decor. It allows you to hide engineering communications and store various little things. Such functions play an important role in the decoration of the toilet. There are a lot of options for designing a sanitary cabinet. A simple design in the form of a hatch is suitable for redecorating a bathroom. A metal or plastic hatch will look out of place when deciding to carry out a large-scale alteration. The choice of a particular type of finish depends on the owners’ preferences and the repair budget.


There are many ways to design a sanitary cabinet. For example, you can build a simple inspection hatch that does not require special skills and large-scale training. Installation is carried out after finishing work. Plumbing hatches for tiles are a more complex solution that will require certain knowledge and skill. Furniture doors are practical and attractive. Roller shutters have a modern look and are easy to open.

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